Migrants Take Over El Paso and Other US Cities As Biden Ends All Trump-era Border Policies, Five Million Have Crossed Since Taking Office

Migrants take over the streets of El Paso where food banks are just days from running dry. Daily Mail.

Since Joe Biden’s inauguration as the 46th President of the United States, there has been an influx of migrants at the southern border. Biden has been accused of intentionally flooding the border with migrants as a means of appealing to his base and pursuing his own agenda.

According to a recent analysis, around 4.9 million have crossed the southern border since President Biden took office, including some 900,000 “got aways” who eluded apprehension and have since disappeared into American communities.

A report from the Daily Mail describes how migrants have recently occupied the streets of El Paso – where food banks are dangerously close to depletion – following their frenzied attempts to enter the border as previous restrictions are eliminated by the Biden administration. In freezing temperatures, migrants have congregated at bus stops and built temporary tents.

Meanwhile, in Eagle Pass Texas, hundreds of migrants cross per hour, with over 800 crossing in a single hour on Monday. The latest migrant influx has resulted in overcrowding at Border Patrol processing facilities in most border sectors. Simultaneously, border area charity shelters are at capacity.

According to an anonymous source from Customs and Border Protection, the recent rise in crossings is merely a “fraction” of what is being reported and of what is to come.

Data obtained by NBC News from May of 2022 show CBP encountered an average of over 7,400 migrants a day. With the end of Trump-era policies like Title 42 and the Remain in Mexico policy, that number is estimated to increase to around 15,000 per day, not including those that elude border patrol.

The Biden administration recently petitioned the Supreme Court to let the widely disputed Title 42 health policy terminate, arguing it is no longer justified, but asked for a delay in its expiration until after the holiday season.

It is estimated that around 10 million total will have crossed by the time Biden leaves office. By every metric, daily, monthly, and annually, these numbers blow past all-time records.

It’s estimated that there are more than 19,000 migrants currently residing at the U.S. border. This figure is two times higher than the number of migrants residing at the U.S. border under the Trump administration. The sheer number of migrants at the border is concerning and has caused alarm among many as to how President Biden is handling the situation.

Most of Them are Allowed to Stay Permanently

It has been reported that hundreds of thousands who crossed the southern border illegally have been released in the United States, many without a court date, and have even been provided transportation to their destination within the US by the government.

According to data, during the Trump era, the majority of illegal crossers were removed. Today, less than half are removed and the number of removals is decreasing.

Border officials say government buses have been dropping off families at supermarkets, gas stations, and shelters for possibly months. Many of the migrants were also transported to airports and bus stations to await further transport to the homes of family members in the interior of the US.

This is something that Biden’s United States Secretary of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas, admits openly.

Congressional aid reports that they are asking congress for $4 billion in funding to deal with the crisis that will result from Biden ending the Title 42 policy. But according to the Associated Press, the money won’t stop the influx.

The new omnibus spending bill asks for money for border security, but according to the bill, none of it can go to actual security.

The money will mostly go to migrant care, transport, and processing. Around $400 million, however, will go toward border security for other countries like Jordan Lebanon, Egypt, and Tunisia. Additionally, the bill calls for $575M for “family planning and reproductive health” in areas where population growth “threatens biodiversity.”

It also calls for a federal building named after Nancy Pelosi.

Border officials say government buses have been dropping off families at supermarkets, gas stations, and shelters since Biden took office. Many of the migrants have also been transported to airports and bus stations to await further transport to the homes of family members in the interior of the US.

According to a report from the Associated Press last year, just hours after being removed from the migrant camp under the Del Rio international bridge, a man and his pregnant wife said they were dropped off at a gas station. In the interview, the couple stated that they were told to wait for a Greyhound bus to take them to their cousin’s house in San Antonio, Texas.

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas told news outlets last year that just for Haitian migrants alone, an estimated 12,000 were released into the US. Some sources within the CBP say the number of Haitians released into the US since July is ten times that number.

Media Outlets Refuse to Cover the Truth About the Border, and Voters Think it’s Under Control

Many Americans are unaware of the magnitude of illegal immigration. Sixty-four percent of people correctly stated that the amount of illegal border crossings has grown under the Biden administration.

According to a recent Harvard poll, the average voter underestimated the number by a large margin.

The actual amount of illegal border crossings in the last year is estimated to be between two to three million, but the median voter believed it was somewhere in the area of 200,000 or so.

Upon being informed of the actual amount of illicit entries to the country within the past 12 months (which was greater than 2.75 million) Approximately two out of three Americans are in favor of President Biden implementing stricter regulations at the border and decreasing the number of illegals immigrants arriving in the United States.

On Welfare and Public Education:

The majority of the immigrants that have come over since 1965 are not only causing a loss to native workers regarding wages but are also a major economic drain in terms of government benefits.

The demographic that makes up most of our immigrant population use more government services than the amount of taxes they pay into the system, and more than half of all immigrants are on some form of welfare for decades.

Start throwing in public education, public transportation, ESL, cash and non-cash welfare, the criminal justice system, and other public services, and we arrive at the controversial deficit the media refuses to talk about. Federal welfare spending breaks records every single year, and welfare is the biggest portion of the annual federal budget. There are over 80 different welfare programs according to the CRS.

It costs the US taxpayer approximately $15,000 per year per student to educate just one of these children. For the total 60,000 unaccompanied minors that have crossed under Biden’s administration, it would cost over $7 billion dollars in taxpayer money to provide these children with an 8-year education. For the approximate 6 million illegal alien children living within the United States right now, it costs the US taxpayer nearly 1 trillion dollars just in education costs alone.  

Add on top of this the welfare most immigrants receive, public education, public transportation, and criminal justice costs, and the US Taxpayer is footing a multi-trillion-dollar bill in the name of ‘diversity.’

According to data, ICE spent an average of $10,854 per deportee during the fiscal year of 2017, according to ICE spokeswoman Yasmeen Pitts O’Keefe. “This includes all costs necessary to identify, apprehend, detain, process through immigration court, and remove an alien,” she said in an interview.

If the US were to deport all of the estimated 11 million illegal aliens living within the US, the federal government would save trillions of dollars of taxpayer money that could be going to enhance education for American citizens or infrastructure.

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