Woke Pastor ‘Repents’ for Saying “Picnic” — Says Word is Racist & Means “Pick an N-Word and Lynch Them”

Tom Arthur, a pastor with the Sycamore Creek Church, has publically ‘repented’ for his use of the word “picnic” after being fooled into believing the word is racist.

The term “picnic” derives from the French term “picque-nique,” which means “each pick a bit.”

The so-called racist term “picnic” was claimed to have originated during the Jim Crow era, and was reportedly defined as “pick an n-word and lynch them” says the pastor.

The word picnic does not actually have any racist undertones as suggested by the pastor, but that won’t stop woke ideologues from repenting for the capital sin of possible racism.

Tom Arthur is very concerned with race and spends much of his time addressing it.

Picnics can not be racist considering anti-racists use picnics to raise awareness for racism.

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