Did Lightning Strike the Mysterious Georgia Guidestones? — New Video Leaves Some Skeptical

Internet sleuths have presented an alternate theory surrounding the early morning destruction of the mysterious ‘Georgia Guidestones.’

While authorities insist an “unknown group” blew up the Georgia Guidestones with an explosive device, many others, including some locals, have suggested it was lightning that took out the monoliths, not a bomb.

With severe lightning storms throughout the area that have lasted weeks, many locals suggest it may have been lighting that took out the contentious granite structures.

For accuracy, below is a map showing where the Georgia Guidestones are located.

Radar from the morning of July 6, 2022, shows lighting storms in and around the area where the Georgia Guidestones were allegedly blown up.

The purple dots below show a rough estimate of lightning strikes in and around the area where the Georgia Guidestones stood. The accuracy of the lightning strikes on the map is often off by up to a few miles, placing the Guidestones directly within striking distance.

Similarly, a streetlight can be seen brightening at the exact moment of the explosion, suggesting an electrical surge.

It remains unclear what, or who destroyed the Georgia Guidestones, as authorities have yet to release any supporting evidence to back up the bombing theory.

Interestingly, nearly three months prior to the destruction of the Georgia Guidestones, an individual suggested that “maybe a bolt of lightning” would destroy the controversial monument.

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