Hunter Biden Beat Donald Trump for Nobel Peace Prize While Addicted to Crack & Having Sex With Prostitutes

Hunter Biden’s work as long-time Chairman of the World Food Program helped land the drug-addled sex fiend a Nobel Peace Prize in 2020, beating President Donald Trump who brokered peace in the Middle East.

While Hunter Biden was having an affair with his deceased brother’s widow, smocking crack and brokering energy deals in Ukraine, Hunter Biden found the time to help manage the World Food Program, earning the parent organization the Nobel Peace Prize.

Hunter Biden worked for the World Food Program, which is the American fund-raising apparatus donating the most significant sum of foreign aid to the “World Food Programme” which is a European non-profit.

This minor financial/legal technicality is what “fact-checkers” use to disqualify the entire premise of the assertion. Nonetheless, it is simple non-profits with similar names donating to other non-profits — likely benefiting from tax breaks in the process.

That’s right, Hunter Biden is a modern-day hero, and anyone suggesting otherwise is an insurrectionist neo-nazi who needs to be arrested and imprisoned.

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