Man Who Inspired ‘AtomWaffen’ Pledges Support for Ukraine Alongside Israel, Transexuals, the State Department & the Satanic Temple

It just keeps getting weirder

James Mason, the advisor to and inspiration of the group known as AtomWaffen division (AWD), has come out in support of the Ukrainian military.

AtomWaffen is a pagan neo-nazi organization that has been accused of terrorist activity and formed around the idea of accelerationism.

AtomWaffen reportedly believes that by committing acts of terrorism on specific targets, such as the power grid, they could bring the United States into a state of separation, ultimately devolving into civil war, a state where groups such as AtomWaffen could then seize power.

It was reported in late 2020 that members of the group were deported from Ukraine after attempting to join the Azov Battalion. Pagan terror tourists from around the world have traveled to the besieged country in hopes of gaining military knowledge alongside the country’s neo-nazi Azov Battalion.

Interestingly, as groups from around the world continue to show their support for Ukraine in its war against Russia, they are joined by strange bedfellows.

Alongside international neo-nazis, Israeli mercenaries have poured into Ukraine to support the war effort against Russia.

Similarly, the international LGBT community continues to show its support for Ukraine, bringing Ukrainian flags to gay pride demonstrations to ‘stick it to Putin.’

Not to mention, the Satanic Temple has thrown their horn in the ring and declared its support for the Ukrainian struggle against the Christian Orthodox Russian military.

the entire world seems to be rallying in support of the pagan neo-nazi Ukrainian military, whose generals have sexual relationships with transexuals.

Even transgender western journalists have been granted access to the Azov Battalion, and are permitted to sleep in the same rooms as soldiers on the front lines of war.

Israelis, transexuals, LGBT parades, neo-nazi terrorist organizations, and the entire U.S. government have all thrown aside their differences and come together in support of the brave Ukrainian military.

If you would like to learn more about the strange conflict happening in Ukraine, follow this link here and dive into the many articles we have written in a vain attempt at making sense of it all.
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