Democrats Go CRAZY After Learning Nick Fuentes ‘Doesn’t Have Sex’ — Waiting for Marriage is ‘WRONG’

If you are angry because a young man chooses to remain celibate before marriage, you need to take a long look in the mirror and reevaluate your life.

The entirety of the American political left-wing has collectively lost their minds over the fact that popular political conservative commentator, Nicholas J Fuentes, chooses to remain celibate.

Fuentes, who is a devout Catholic, has remained a virgin in accordance with the Catholic faith. Catholic doctrine demands all believers remain chaste before marriage.

Resorting to school-yard insults of ‘gay’ and ‘virgin’ against their political foe, democrats — and even many republicans — cannot comprehend someone not mindlessly drooling over random women wherever they may appear.

In this bizarre video posted by The Young Turks, the hosts play a clip of Nick Fuentes claiming he doesn’t have sex, wherein he jokingly refers to himself as an ‘INCEL’ before the panel begins nervously chastising him for choosing to not have sex.

Fuentes posts on Telegram, saying “The media can call me an incel, virgin, gay, doesn’t matter — I will never let a woman have authority over me.”

Not having sex before marriage was, up until very recently, not only socially acceptable but also necessary for those seeking a partner for marriage.

Before western society abandoned Christianity, it was normal for people to abstain from sex before marriage. This is partly why people tended to marry younger than they do now, and also have more children, as contraception is also a sin, according to the Catholic Church.

It is unsurprising to find that women cannot comprehend a young man’s decision to remain a virgin before marriage, but what is strange is how many grown men seem flabbergasted at the thought that someone would choose to not have sexual intercourse before marriage.

For choosing to refrain from sex, liberals call Fuentes gay, an INCEL, a terrorist, and have even claimed he is the anti-Christ — all for not wanting to distract himself with women.

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