Buffalo Mass Shooter Used Same Symbol as Ukraine’s Azov Battalion, Wanted to Trigger Gun Laws

If he lived in Ukraine, Joe Biden would have sent him $40,000,000,000

The mass shooter’s lengthy 180-page manifesto describes himself as a fascist, and a racist, and explicitly denies being a Christian.

The shooter begins his manifesto by displaying an image of a sonnenrad, which is a paganistic symbol popularized by neo-pagan groups throughout Europe and the U.S.

The symbol was used by the Christchurch shooter, Brentan Tarrant, and is prominently displayed by the Azov Battalion in Ukraine.

The shooter explicitly stated he was not a Christian.

He boasts of his “high IQ” and, among other things, his hatred for minorities, while imploring a dedication to environmentalism — a sort of “green nationalism” espoused by pagan groups.

The shooter writes at length about various groups of people, from “the blacks” to “the Jews” and goes into excruciating detail about the firearm he used and various other items the intended to use to kill his victims.

The shooter described his plan as eliciting the “removal of gun rights” from Americans, a move which he believed would spark a “fight” over the second amendment in the U.S.

The shooter, before going to the grocery store where he committed this atrocious act, implored others to “kill high profile enemies” before naming George Soros and other individuals.

Maybe he thought a random high-profile individual would be at the grocery store…

The shooter ends his manifesto by saying “I hope to see you in Valhalla.”

In Norse mythology, Valhalla is a majestic, enormous hall located in “Asgard,” ruled over by their “god” Odin. Pagans believe many of those who die in combat travel to Valhalla upon death.

The shooter also believed wholeheartedly in the “COVID” hoax, which stands in direct opposition to his claims of having a “high IQ.”

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  1. I was instantly reminded of the article by Whitney Webb regarding Azov in the US. Very interesting…. It seems the FBI predicted this.

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