Term “Stochastic Terrorism” Deployed to Censor Criticism of Liberal Doctrine — Term Previously Snubbed by Liberals When NRA Blamed video Games for Mass-Shootings

“Sticks & Stones”

Liberal activists have begun targetting critics with the term “stochastic terrorism” to censor any and all criticism of their liberal activism. And while the term is currently being weaponized against conservatives, it was previously tossed aside by liberals when conservatives used it almost a decade ago.

The term “stochastic” is a word of greek origin pertaining to unrecognizable probability in outcomes: In other words, in plain English, the term “stochastic” is synonymous with the word “random.”

However, the term “stochastic terrorism,” when used by liberal activists, is used to imply anything but “random” probability.

In fact, liberals have deployed the phrase “stochastic terrorism” to imply that by criticizing liberal beliefs, liberal individuals, or liberal institutions, one would be inciting — or attempting to incite — physical violence.

Here is how it works:

I say “hospitals should not be facilitating the physical and/or chemical castration of children. This is child sexual abuse.” I say this while posting actual evidence that hospital workers are literally physically and/or chemically castrating children for no essential purposes.

The general public becomes outraged at learning that hospitals are actually physically and/or chemically castrating children due to it being actually outrageous.

liberal activists panic and deploy the term “stochastic terrorist” against me, implying that by pointing out their outrageous behavior, i am somehow inciting violent acts to be done upon them due to the random (stochastic) probability that such violence could occur.

The term was first deployed to social media by liberal Youtuber David Pakman in 2011,

In 2011, Pakman interviewed a ‘social science researcher’ from the University of Massachusetts’ Department of Communication.

The interview begins with a discussion on the effects of violence in video games and movies and if the virtual violence can result in real-world violence.

The interviewee begins with a plethora of disclaimers before ultimately implying a direct connection between “aggression” and violent rhetoric, whether it be in video games or cinema.

Ultimately, the term “stochastic terrorism” was applied to the NRA’s argument which claimed violent video games were responsible for violent outbursts in society, not guns.

This argument was ultimately tossed out by researchers and liberal commentators as it was used to distance the NRA from school shootings.

Of course, today, the term has been repurposed and is now, apparently, a perfectly coherent argument against conservative commentators, and is used to prove they are knowingly inciting violence against their critics.

Ultimately, liberals are attempting to criminalize legal speech. They are attempting to make it illegal for critics to criticize their actions.

The term “stochastic terrorism” is nothing short of proverbial bullshit.

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