BREAKING: Candidate for Idaho Governor, Janice McGeachin Declares Idaho a “Safe Haven” for Bitcoin

Idaho might soon be known again for mining, only this time in the digital landscape of CryptoCurrency.

A Trump-endorsed candidate for Idaho governor, Janice McGeachin, has declared that once elected she will make Idaho a “safe haven” for the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. This comes as looming federal regulations continue to threaten digital tokens worldwide.

The candidate’s announcement immediately gained the attention of prominent cryptocurrency personalities, including Dennis Porter, who shared the news to their large audience of digital currency enthusiasts.

Idaho earned the title of “the gem state” through its rich mineral resources, with silver, gold, and cobalt mines carrying industry through the ages, making the state a rich income and an attractive home for development. Soon, the state might be known for mining once again, only this time in the digital landscape of CryptoCurrency.

Janice, who has earned the unconditional support of President Donald J Trump, is running against the incumbent governor, Brad Little, who’s earned the title of ‘RINO’ for his Republican in Name Only policies regarding lockdowns, masks, and other forms of COVID restrictions.

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