Iranian Patriots Hold the Line as Globalists Move Against Tehran

For decades, the globalist cabal has been working tirelessly to destabilize the Islamic Republic of Iran. These efforts have accelerated over the past month as violent riots continue to rage across the country in the aftermath of Mahsa Amimi’s death. In September, Iran’s Guidance Patrol arrested the twenty-two-year-old for provocatively defying the nation’s traditional hijab standards. Naturally, international agitators immediately seized on this incident as a pretext to erode the ruling Islamic government’s authority and promote secular liberalism.

Mirroring George Floyd, Amimi came to her most unfortunate demise through natural causes. Yet, this has not stopped the globalist press from leveling all sorts of ridiculous accusations against the Iranians. They erroneously claim that she was “beaten severely” before being finished off with a “violent blow to the head.” Though, as usual, our rulers are keen to dispense with the truth when it doesn’t align with their cynical propaganda.

As Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei explains, “This movement was not normal. These riots were planned. If there hadn’t been this case about this young woman, they would have created another excuse.” Yet, one might ask, who exactly is behind these malicious lies? Who is meddling in the affairs of a right-wing, religious nation? Well, Khamenei answers: “I openly state that these schemes were designed by the US; the usurping, fake, Zionist regime; and their mercenaries. They sat down and planned. They designed these schemes.” For the Islamic Leader, the “Zionist regime” in Israel is a “cancerous cell” that is hell-bent on ruling the region by sowing discord between Muslim nations and weakening conservative governments.

Of course, one favorite mechanism for covertly destabilizing traditional nations is to set off a “color revolution.” Here, international forces artificially provoke unrest among the native population and foster an uprising against the legitimate government under the cloak of an organic, popular movement. Naturally, the globalists spoon-feed the native rebels and naive Western audiences with the usual slogans about “Democracy” and “Human Rights” in order to provide further legitimacy to these subversive actions. They used this strategy successfully in Ukraine (2004/2014), Serbia (2000), Georgia (2003), and Kyrgyzstan (2005) to overthrow the pro-Russian governments. These scoundrels attempted the same with Belarus in 2020 but failed due to the immense virtue of President Aleksandr Lukashenko. Indeed, the globalists also used these tactics against President Donald Trump as he entered the height of his re-election campaign.

While Americans allowed the George Floyd riots to continue unimpeded, the Iranians have taken an alternative approach. They have responded by cracking down hard on radical liberal troublemakers by using special forces to get these animals out of the streets. Predictably, left-wing agitators are strongest in the nation’s Northwestern region which is home to the pro-Israel and Western-friendly Kurdish minority. Despite leftist outcries, Tehran has not hesitated to shell areas of Sanandaj, the capital of Iranian Kurdistan, and use other stringent methods to defend law and order against these barbaric vandals.

Moreover, as crazed women torch their hajibs and shave their heads in a bizarre act of rebellion, Iranian officials are detaining and sending them to mental health institutions for rehabilitation. Iran’s Education Minister Yousef Nouri, a man of sound doctrine, explained that these demented youths are being sent to “psychological institutions” and that they can return to school only “after they’ve been reformed.”

For Iranians, the enemy’s cruel provocations are an exceptional opportunity to show one’s loyalty to a higher cause. As Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei explained, the “flag of the Islamic Republic is the flag of justice and spirituality” and “the same flag of the prophets and Imams.” The profane West is incensed, he says, by the heroic act of “raising the flag of the Islamic Republic” and “speaking of the divine laws.” For Khamenei, this is hardly surprising given that, “when you speak of spirituality, the materialistic world, where everything is reduced to matter and all the concepts in the world are related to and depend on money, opposes you.”

Of course, this worldview is totally foreign to Westerners enslaved by spiritual corruption. As a result, Americans are unlikely to understand why Iranians would arrest a woman for wearing a hijab too loosely and use such strong means to maintain law and order. Yet, this very policy illustrates the Iranian system’s essential logic which has allowed it to avoid the same socio-cultural decline that has engulfed the decadent modern West. In America, conservatives have been willing to enact “reasonable” social reforms for generations. Each time, the left gains more ground and intensifies its unrelenting campaign against all traditional ways of life.

Indeed, the freedoms granted to women throughout the 19th and 20th centuries have not brought about benign modernization as promised by liberal utopians, but rather in the total dominance of the feminine will at every level of society. Predictably, divorce, abortion, and STD rates have skyrocketed while birth rates have plummeted. Even the American ideal of free speech has been sacrificed on the altar of gynocracy. Today, the masses of Western men are no more than slaves to their overweight, nagging female overlords.

Under Israeli and American influence, Iran was following this same trajectory after World War Two. The country’s Shah, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, was a political moderate inclined toward friendly relations with Tel Aviv, Washington, and London. He embarked on a tremendous effort to ensure that Iran was “not stuck in the past” but rather embracing its newfound role as a “modern” nation.

Despite the Westernizing Shah’s best efforts, Iranians became increasingly uncomfortable with the erosion of their traditional culture. One Persian term, Gharbzadegi (Weststruck), came to prominence during this era as it described the sense that a terrible foreign sickness had spread over the country. Many observed with great sadness that the Persian identity built over 2,500 years was being washed away to make room for the gray goo of secular liberalism. Indeed, there is no room for Persians or Muslims in a nation of consumers and financiers.

Yet, Iranian men rightfully objected to the subversion of their society and acted in a decisive manner to rectify the situation. Thus, the story of the 1979 Iranian Revolution is not one of the insane radicals coming to power in a once “normal” nation as commonly understood in America. Instead, it was a heroic movement of civilizational restoration.

Today, Iranians are free to live traditional lives in their historic homeland and they are keen to protect this precious inheritance.  While Westerners have spent the last five hundred years embracing the toxins introduced by subversive elements, Iranians are willing to hold the line on a seemingly small issue. Thus, Iranian conservatives are able to avoid the trap which befell their Western counterparts as they know very well that once you liberalize even slightly, the social decline becomes inevitable. Today, the Israeli-American Leviathan simply cannot tempt Iranians to turn their back on the spirit of 1979. As the Supreme Leader aptly stated, the “seedling” of the Islamic Revolution “is a mighty tree now and no one should dare think they can uproot it.”

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