CHAOS: California Looters Derail Trains in ‘Africa Style’ Robberies Scavenging for Packages — U.S. Decline on Display

This is what a declining America looks like.

Looters throughout California have begun derailing trains from their tracks, stealing their contents, discarding packages, family photos, and personal belongings, leaving them scattered throughout the state.

Discarded family photos litter the railways as looters continue to scavenge for loot.

Photo Credit: Mike Ade @bellikemike

The scale of the train robberies is hard to imagine, as empty packages can be seen littering the railways for miles. These sorts of incidents are familiar to places such as South Africa, where train derailments and robberies are commonplace.

The United States has imported millions upon millions of people from third world nations with the full knowledge that they will not ever fully integrate into civilized society. These people are not interested in integrating into civilized society, they’re not even interested in learning the English language.

The U.S. government has flooded North America with people from countries where horrors such as train robberies, cannibalism, and drug cartels are commonplace. As the first world begins to clash with the third world, only those caught in the middle will suffer, as politicians sitting in positions of power continue on track with the destruction of this once great nation.

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