VICE News Targets Idaho Sending Journalist After Conservatives Escaping Hellish Liberal Cities

Liberals are incapable of simply leaving conservatives alone

The trailer for the recent VICE docuseries begins by highlighting the recent exodus of conservative ‘political refugees’ out of liberal-dominated urban areas and into majority conservative rural areas. While this might sound like a simple decision for many based on social decay within democrat-controlled states, liberal media outlets continue to paint the area and its residents with the broad brush of ‘extremism.’

After the chaos and uncertainty of 2020, conservatives from across the country have flocked to a region around North Idaho known as the American Redoubt. While most come just to escape liberal cities and be among their own, some seek to change the region, imposing their fears and ideas of liberty on local politics. VICE News’ Vegas Tenold explores what it means to be free in a nation of political bubbles.

VICE News’ Vegas Tenold, pictured above, is your average New York liberal journalist, whose Twitter ‘likes’ reveals exactly what you might expect from the tattoo-clad, spit-bald hipster. He likes many tweets from Antifa, snarky content from far-left extremists, and other content portraying conservative ideals as fringe extremist ideology.

The Brooklyn-based outrage artist wrote a book titled “Everything You Love Will Burn” in which he highlights his experience ’embedded’ within what he calls ‘extremist’ groups. The irony is that Antifa and Black Lives Matter have spent the last 4 years literally burning down cities, prompting normal people to move out to places like Idaho.

Before releasing his VICE series on conservatives in Idaho, Tenolds deleted all of his personal tweets from his social media history. This should always prompt you to seek out the service of internet archives, to see what someone might be attempting to hide.

Tenolds continuously apologizes for the violent extreme-left group known as Antifa, going so far as explaining to Jake Tapper “It happens” while referring to a video of Antifa assaulting people in the streets.

Obviously, when Antifa openly assaults people in the streets, there are always these types on the internet who will chalk it up to ‘silly protest stuff.’

The real issue with Vegas Tenold and his VICE News hit-piece on North Idaho is that they are demonizing conservatives who just want these lanky city-dwellers to leave them alone. They are leaving their ‘liberal utopias’ to find peace and quiet, to live among people like themselves, who believe in freedom, minimal regulation, and interference from the government.

Coeur d’Alene Idaho became the hottest real estate market in the country after normal people decided they did not want to live in a city fraught with marauding rioters hellbent on destruction. After cities like Portland, New York, and L.A. locked down normal citizens with arbitrary COVID regulations while allowing Antifa and Black Lives Matter to roam around assaulting people, hundreds of thousands of conservatives decided they’d had enough, and picked up and relocated.

Now, after conservatives left their cities for a simple life among like-minded folk, far-left ideologues literally follow them out into the woods with cameras asking questions like ‘do you think you are instigating violence?’

Conservates are moving out of liberal cities because liberals refuse to leave conservatives alone. Liberals, like a psychotic ex-girlfriend, are struggling with the fact that conservatives simply do not want them around. So these liberals, they are showing up on conservatives’ doorsteps asking “why did you leave?” Take the hint, liberals. It’s over. We had our fun, we tried, we really did, but we just cannot go on like this anymore.

This is goodbye. Please, stop calling and don’t show up. We left for a reason, and we are never coming back.

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