Border Agents Caught on Camera Telling Migrants They’re “Free to Go, and Free to Travel Wherever They Want.”

Since Joe Biden’s inauguration as the 46th President of the United States, there has been a historic surge of migrants arriving at the southern border.

Based on a recent analysis, approximately over 5 million individuals have crossed the southern border since President Biden assumed office. Among these, an estimated 900,000 are classified as “got-aways” who managed to evade apprehension.

According to an undisclosed source within Customs and Border Protection, the recent increase in border crossings may be just a fraction of what is actually occurring and what is expected to come in the near future.

A report from the Daily Mail provides insights into the situation, describing how migrants have occupied the streets all over border states including El Paso and Eagle Pass. In the midst of freezing temperatures last year, migrants congregated at bus stops and set up makeshift tents. According to residents, they have ‘completely taken over’ these cities.

It is estimated that around 10 million total will have crossed by the time Biden leaves office. By every metric, daily, monthly, and annually, these numbers blow past all-time records.

Most of Them are Allowed to Stay, Permanently

It has been reported that the vast majority of those who have crossed the southern border illegally have been released in the United States, many without a court date or a one that is years into the future — and have even been provided transportation to their destination within the US by the government.

According to data, during the Trump era, the majority of illegal crossers were removed. Today, less than half are removed and the number of removals is decreasing.

Border officials say government buses have been dropping off families at supermarkets, gas stations, and shelters for possibly months. Many of the migrants were also transported to airports and bus stations to await further transport to the homes of family members in the interior of the US.

Journalist Bill Melugin published photographs of documents discarded by the migrants, and among the findings, he discovered that some of them had already been processed by the United States and released.

In a recent video at the border, as thousands of migrants from dozens of countries cross daily, a border patrol agent is caught telling migrants that they are free to go.

“You’re free to go – you’re free to go on and do whatever you want. You’re free,” the border agent says to a migrant group.

One of the migrants is heard asking the border patrol agent if it is okay that he goes on to Chicago. “You can do whatever you want, you’re free,” the agent is heard telling the man.

This is something that Biden’s United States Secretary of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas, admits openly.

During a round of interviews with Fox News, Mayorkas told hosts that with or without the Trump-era policy of Title 42, most of the migrants who cross the border are released and free to travel wherever they want throughout the country.

Many of them are eligible for government subsidies that even pay for their transportation, phone, and even shelter in many cases.

The surge of migrants from further away, and coming from countries like Haiti, has reportedly been happening for months.

One video from back in July of last year shows groups of mostly Haitian migrants walking across the border in Del Rio, Texas.

Another video from August 2nd of last year shows Haitians being dropped off at random gas stations by officials and told to reach their final destination within 60 days and within the interior of the country or face removal.

Meanwhile in the US, in places like Lukeville Arizona, Africans are crossing daily along with people from dozens of other countries. Not just on the southern, but the Northern border as well.

At the Swanton Sector in Upstate New York on the Nothern Border, we saw an over 1300% increase in illegal immigrant encounters this July compared to July 2020 when President Trump was in office.

Chief Patrol Agent Robert Garcia, United States Border Patrol Swanton Sector stated on Twitter recently:

“Over 6,100 apprehensions from 76 different countries in just 11 months, surpassing the last 10 years combined. Swanton Sector Agents are resolute and determined to hold the line across our 295 miles of border in northeastern New York, Vermont & New Hampshire.”

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