The Most ‘Demonic’ All Ages Drag Show Just Happened in Dallas Texas – “We Need Less Christ in Christmas” – Governors are Considering Legislation

An undercover journalist recently uncovered footage of a drag show in Grand Prairie, Texas, outside of Dallas, which was billed as “family-friendly” and “all ages.” However, this particular show was anything but family-friendly, as protesters outside the venue described the performance as “demonic.”

Outside of the usual hypersexual debased performance that takes place at these events, this particular event was especially strange, with many describing the event as a ‘satanic ritual’ and others as the most ‘disturbing’ performance that they had ever seen.

“Jimbo,” also known as “Casper the Baloney Ghost,” was said to have given the most outrageous performances of the evening:

The ‘holiday’ drag show showcased many segments with male entertainers impersonating intercourse, usually adorned in costumes that could only be characterized as accurate–albeit disturbingly enlarged–garments. Advertised as “family-friendly” and open to all ages, “A Drag Queen Christmas” tour, made a stop at ACL Live at the Moody Theater in Austin, Texas as well the week before.

During another Jimbo performance, the performer strips away a concealing cloak to show off his bright red lingerie and a box affixed to his chest. He then performs a dramatic “cutting” of the box to reveal mock nude breasts. As he does this, he dances to the song “Tits in a Box.”

At the end of the performance, Jimbo spotted a child in the audience reaching towards his chest, prompting him to ask if they were ‘hungry.’ He then looked to the crowd and quipped that the child was saying, “Mommy, mommy,” which was met with laughter.

A report from Texas Scorecard described another one of the performances that weren’t caught on camera by our source.

“Drag queen Jasmine Kennedie then performs his act, in which he wears a tiny green dress and the two other performers wear BDSM chest harnesses and underwear. Once again, the side performers simulate grinding and humping while touching themselves inappropriately. Meanwhile, Kennedie dances provocatively in front of them. At the end of Kennedie’s performance, he collects money from a 9-year-old boy, then proceeds to thank the boy’s mom for bringing out her young child. Kennedie then says that “this is what we need … parents like this.” He adds, “You are such an awesome mom for bringing your kid out to a family-friendly drag show.”

At another point during the night, one of the drag queens said that there is too much Christ in Christmas.

“It’s so good to be here with you celebrating Christmas with Celine Dion music. I’m representing the secular people this Christmas. I think there’s a little bit too much Christ in Christmas these days. So that’s my own personal Christmas carol. Because I hate Christmas music. But I love money.”

His statements were met with cheers from the crowd:

According to reports, the mayor of Missouri has banned children from attending the “A Drag Queen Christmas” tour which has been touring the country including in many red states. According to the mayor, the show contains obscene and indecent content that is inappropriate for children.

The drag show, titled “The Snow Queen”, which is a part of the tour was set to take place at the city’s theater and was advertised as a family event. However, the mayor argued that the content of the show was sexually explicit and not suitable for children. The mayor has also stated that he will be enforcing the ban by requesting ID at the door.

The state of Texas is considering legislation that would limit access to drag show performances. According to an NPR report, the proposed bill would make it illegal for those under the age of 18 to attend drag shows. If passed, the bill would also require that the performers be licensed and that the shows be alcohol-free.

Other states may be considering similar legislation.

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