CRT Radicals are Now Blatantly Calling for ‘White Extinction’

Last week, controversy erupted over a resurfaced video of Rutgers Professor and CRT ideologue Brittney Cooper making violent statements about White Americans. Remarkably, Cooper openly declares that “white people are committed to being villains.” She explains that “it’s not that white people don’t know what they have done, they know, they fear that there is no other way to be human but the way in which they are human.”

Here, Cooper claims that white people are fundamentally more oppressive and violent than other groups. She laments that this is “spiritually who they are” and that “they can’t imagine a more expansive notion of the world.” Cooper explains that “they are so corrupt…their thinking is so morally and spiritually bankrupt about power that they fear, viscerally, existentially, letting go of power because they cannot imagine that there’s another way to be.” Given this alleged moral limitation, whites “think black people are gonna get them back” because “it is either that you dominate or you are dominated.”

To this end, Cooper argues that many whites tacitly excuse European Colonialism by framing it as a product of human nature while arguing that non-Europeans would have acted similarly had they accumulated the power to do so. Yet, Cooper answers, “No, that’s what white humans did, white human beings thought ‘there’s a world here and we own it.’ Prior to them, black and brown people have been sailing across oceans interacting with each other for centuries without total subjugation, domination, and colonialism.”

Needless to say, Cooper’s historical understanding is rather limited. After all, long before the advent of European Colonialism, Genghis Khan built the largest contiguous land empire in world history. Meanwhile, Chinese dynastic possessions and Arab Caliphates stand right alongside European nations in the historical record of imperialism. Without question, aggressive warfare and power politics are hardwired into the human condition. To deny this is either evidence of obscene ignorance or a mask for more sinister motives.

With Brittney Cooper and other CRT fanatics, it increasingly seems to be the latter. When asked how she intends to deal with the “whiteness” supposedly rampant in American society, Cooper reveals the hidden sentiment behind all the flowery rhetoric about equality– “we gotta take these motherfuckers out.” Incredibly, Cooper says that she “wouldn’t be mad at the black people who want to get them [whites] back.” Her interviewer, Michael Harriot, couldn’t agree more. He makes it abundantly clear to whites entering the new pseudo-egalitarian world that this transition “automatically means you gotta give up some of the shit you got.”

Unfortunately, this racial blackmail grows stronger with each passing day. As Cooper herself gleefully explains, whites are “losing…that’s why their birthrates are going down, that’s why demographics are shifting.” With White America’s back against the wall, she advises her leftist allies to “be the waves against the rock. The waves win. The rocks wear down. The waves keep on coming.”

Indeed, the rising tide of anti-white sentiment has thoroughly overtaken coastal America. Nowhere is this more evident than in California which was until fairly recently a paradise for White Americans. Today, Golden State politicians are aiming to pay out an absurd $223,000 to black residents across the state while several counties are adopting San Francisco’s policy of giving $1,000 a month to pregnant black women. One can only imagine what California will do once whites are reduced to only 26% of the population in 2050. Certainly, life will be totally alien from what it was in 1940 when whites clocked in at nearly 90%.

Meanwhile, on the East Coast, leftist thugs are desecrating the remains of fallen soldiers. This week, Richmond removed its last Confederate monument, dedicated to General AP Hill, and even stooped so low as to dig up and expel the man’s dead body. While local conservatives appeared at the site to protest the removal, Virginia’s Republican Governor Glenn Youngkin remained inactive and impotent.

While conservative leaders stand idly by, the left is looting White America’s wealth and defiling its cultural heritage. Their sweet-sounding platitudes about “equality” and “justice” are nothing more than window dressing for a sweeping racial revolution. The game plan is simple– wage a demographic war against the white population while propping up Europeans as evil, colonialist oppressors that must be liquidated to bring about an egalitarian paradise. One only needs to look at the historical precedents in Haiti, Rhodesia, and South Africa to see what happens next.

In Haiti, revolutionary leader Jean-Jacques Dessalines spoke mighty words about racial equality while calling on his black brothers to “dare to be free.” Then, once in power, Dessalines massacred the entire white population including many of the French liberals who had supported his anti-colonial uprising against their own interests. The rebels went door-to-door slaughtering entire white families including butchering small children and raping their mothers. This unconscionable act of brutality shocked the entire Western World and many warned that the same evils would one day be visited upon American shores should slavery be abolished.

In Rhodesia, the story was much the same. Under white administration, Rhodesia achieved a height never before seen among African nations. Yet, everything changed after Prime Minister Ian Smith’s fall in 1979. The former “breadbasket of Africa” turned into a total nightmare with sky-high inflation and total societal dissolution under radical black nationalist President Robert Mugabe.

Before taking power, Mugabe spoke the same language as today’s liberals and asked whites to “please remain in this country and constitute a nation based on national unity.” Once in office, Mugabe took a completely different course. He seized land from white farmers for “redistribution” which forced them to flee the country. Many farms were looted and destroyed, while countless whites were tracked down and massacred. At the height of this anti-white campaign, Mugabe declared at a rally that his “party must continue to strike fear in the heart of the white man, our real enemy.”

As the racial revolution unfolded, many Rhodesians fled to South Africa to save their lives. Yet, their hopes were dashed when Apartheid fell in the 1990s and Nelson Mandela took control. Despite Mandela’s reputation as a colorblind liberal, he was a card-carrying communist who laid the foundation for today’s anti-white South African regime.

Now, many White South Africans are forced to live in militarized neighborhoods with private security guards as they fear for their lives in a hostile nation they once called their own. The violent crime rate is rising at astronomical levels across the country as murder, rape, and kidnapping lay waste to a once orderly society. White farmers are routinely maimed or killed in racially motivated attacks while ANC officials plot Zimbabwean-style land redistribution efforts. Meanwhile, monuments commemorating Afrikaner and British heroes are torn down and thrown into the sea.

Sadly, White America seems destined to meet the same fate. The replacement of Columbus, Jefferson, and Jackson with Tubman, MLK, and Obama as national heroes serves as a shocking tale of cultural destruction. Evidently, the once-dominant European World is being swept away.

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