How Ye Teamed Up With Milo and Nick Fuentes, and Why the Media is Having a Panic Attack

On Thanksgiving evening, Ye–formerly known as Kanye West–posted a video to his newly restored twitter account describing a recent meeting with former President Donald Trump. In the video, Ye drops the bombshell news that he is working with Nicholas J. Fuentes and Milo Yiannopolous on his 2024 presidential campaign–which was announced just a few days prior. Moreover, he reveals that Fuentes and Yiannopoulos–the latter of whom was recently revealed as his campaign manager–accompanied him to a dinner meeting with Trump at Mar-a-Lago on November 22.

The video opens with Ye casually talking to Yiannopoulos about what transpired over dinner. Ye begins his debriefing by stating what most “perturbed” Trump during the meeting wasn’t Ye asking Trump to be his Vice President. Rather, Ye “walk[ing] in with intelligence,” referring to Fuentes, is what really “caught him off guard.” As Ye says this, the footage is shown of him and Fuentes walking through Miami International Airport. Ye then claims that Trump was “really impressed with Nick Fuentes.” According to a relatively neutral account of events from Axios, Trump was impressed with Fuentes’ ability to “rattle off statistics and recall speeches dating back to his 2016 campaign.” The article also states that Fuentes criticized Trump’s recent announcement speech, asserting Trump is far better when speaking off the cuff. At one point, Trump was so taken with Fuentes that he turned to Ye and said, “I like this guy; he gets me.” Ye argues that Nick fascinated Trump because “unlike so many of the lawyers and so many people that he was left with on his 2020 campaign–he’s actually a loyalist.”

Ye expands this point to argue that Trump was not loyal to his most ardent supporters.  He questions, “why, when you had the chance, did you not free the January 6’ers?” In the final days of his term, Trump did not acknowledge that many of his supporters arrested for “storming the Capitol” on January 6 were not violent and were ushered into the building by Capitol police. Many outlets have reported that the federal government treated hundreds involved in the January 6th protest as political prisoners. Most “Capitol Stormers” have been imprisoned, awaiting trials for unprecedented periods of time, while–in many cases–being physically abused and/or placed in solitary confinement. Trump did next to nothing to help these people, only providing weak lip-service statements after he left office.

Ye continued, “I said, ‘go and get Corey [Lewandowski] back; go and get these people that the media tried to cancel and told you to step away from.’” As Ye talked, the video showed pictures of Karen Giorno, Roger Stone, and Alex Jones, all controversial figures who have supported Trump since 2016.

At some point during the dinner, Trump received an ominous phone call, after which his tone changed dramatically. He apparently tried to shift gears and discuss his struggle to get Alice Johnson pardoned; an effort lobbied heavily by Ye’s ex-wife Kim Kardashian. No one at the dinner table was impressed by this shift. The conversation derailed further when Trump insulted Kim. Ye took offense to this, stating, “that’s the mother of my children.”

The video then jumps-cuts to West advocating for Christian Nationalism, saying, “we are going to demand that you [Trump] hold all policies directly to the Bible.”  Ye has joined a growing chorus of conservatives advocating for a return to Christian values in this nation. Whereas the establishment wing of the GOP is dominated by politicians who believe religion should play second fiddle to policy, a rising faction believes the opposite. This group, led by such figures as Marjorie Taylor Greene, Matt Gaetz,  and Paul Gosar, has seen significant grassroots support but severe pushback from their own party.  This schism is growing, with Gaetz recently stating that he will not vote for Kevin McCarthy for Speaker of The House.

Ye alleges that at one point, Trump began “basically screaming” at him that he “was going to lose.” The former President expected to neutralize Ye during that evening, potentially bringing him back under the MAGA Inc. umbrella. Having a world-famous, Black music and fashion icon on board was pivotal to Trump’s plan to capture the fabled “Black Vote.” Much to Trump’s chagrin, this did not play out at all. 

Ye then tweeted another video, which started by saying, “Adidas has just frozen all of Ye’s bank accounts and sued him for 275 million in advertising fees.” It then features a clip of a woman calling for Ye’s cancellation and another of a newscaster describing the breakup between Ye and Adidas. A third campaign video showed Tucker Carlson’s opening monologue to his interview with Ye, interspersed with clips of various public figures giving their thoughts on Ye. It then shows a screenshot of text messages that Ye received from his former trainer Harley Pasternak, who threatened to have him institutionalized if he didn’t stop saying “crazy stuff.” The video ends with Ye reading the text to the paparazzi and asserting that no one can control or manipulate him.

Like Ye, Fuentes has also been canceled and attacked for calling out the reality of Jewish power. Prior to meeting Ye or Trump, Fuentes had been blacklisted by almost every media organization, publication, and political organization in America. He has been intentionally blocked from getting anywhere near the mainstream, let alone massive names like Ye and Trump. Thus, this news represents an abject failure of those persecuting him. 

As expected, the left is absolutely beside themselves following the breaking news. The weeping and gnashing of teeth from major media outlets to average Twitter users are in full effect. Unfortunately for them, they have already tried just about every trick in the book to cancel Fuentes and Ye–and Trump, for that matter. Here are just a few examples: 

Viewers of Jimmy Kimmel, Stephen Colbert, and Trevor Noah were exposed to vitriolic monologues slamming Fuentes:

Kimmel went over the posts that Trump made on Truth Social in response to criticism he received for hosting Ye and Fuentes. Kimmel then called Fuentes a “24-year-old virgin,” and played a clip of Nick saying all sex is gay, in the hopes of making him look bad. Surprisingly enough, Nick’s video elicited more laughs than the failing comedian Kimmel’s commentary did. A clip of Ye criticizing Elon Musk for not reinstating Alex Jones’ Twitter account was played, and Kimmel ended the segment by quipping “[Ye] is like The Joker in the Lego Batman movie, trying to free all the supervillains from the Phantom Zone.”  

The pretentious patron of the unfunny, Stephen Colbert, also delivered a monologue on Trump, Ye, and Nick, which included poorly crafted “jokes,” both garishly grotesque and poorly timed. The setups for Colbert’s “jokes” weren’t veiled in the least, opting instead for outright character assassination.

The South African diversity hire named Trevor Noah delivered a hubristic avalanche of liberal shticks in an effort to demonize Ye, Trump, and Nick. He ran with the baseless narrative of Fuentes being a Holocaust denier, a tactic that is shamelessly used by all mainstream commentators to quickly dehumanize him into a cartoonishly evil super villain. Like Kimmel and Colbert, he sounded like a smarmy prick while delivering egregiously terrible jokes worthy of airborne rotten fruit.

The reaction from so-called “right-wing” outlets has been far more disappointing but equally expected. It must be noted that much of Nick’s censorship has originated from these outlets, not from opponents on the left. Zionist special interest groups monetarily prop up many of these outlets. Breitbart News, once the tip of the spear of right-wing media, released an article that trotted out the same talking points as the ADL and SPLC. There is much overlap between the people who run mainstream conservative news organizations and those who surround Trump. 

Jason Miller is one of many such swamp creatures. Since 2016, he has had positions in the Trump campaigns, ranging from chief spokesperson in 2016 to senior advisor in 2020. His role was used to fashion the president into more of a “politician” and less of the outsider firebrand personality that won him the 2016 election. This role was seen clearly in Trump’s 2024 presidential campaign announcement speech, which Miller wrote. Trump put his audience to sleep with a rigor mortis-inducing snoozefest of washed-up platitudes and rambling ineffective sidebars. Ye posted a screenshot of a group chat between himself, Fuentes, Yiannopoulos, and an unidentified individual discussing Miller and the speech.

As well as bogging down Trump’s campaigns, the adulterous huckster is the CEO of the ailing social media site Gettr. Gettr (which was built using money from a shady Chinese billionaire) markets itself as a “free speech” social media platform, yet it has banned Fuentes, as well as the word “groyper.”

A war is taking place over the future of the America First movement. On one side stands Ye, Yiannopolous, and Nick. They want Trump to cast off the oppressive handlers and donors who have their claws in him, directing his every action. On the other side stands Jason Miller and his ilk. They represent the interests of a handful of mega-donors who want to manage America’s decline through a neutered Trump. Many have already jumped the proverbial ship to cast their lot with Ron DeSantis. It appears that Trump has fallen asleep in the face of these bad actors infesting the MAGA movement and has been corralled into becoming another talking head for the GOP.

The coalition that Ye has built is poised to put significant pressure on Trump. He could embrace the criticism Ye and Fuentes have levied against him, bringing them into the fold. On the other hand, Trump could distance himself from Ye and Fuentes’ coalition, which risks further alienating and de-energizing his base. So far, Trump has only released neutral, general statements on the matter, claiming that he did not know Fuentes prior to the dinner, but not disavowing him or Ye.

One thing is for sure, the coming weeks will be chaotic, and that chaos may extend to November 2024. Will Ye’s America First coalition be able to bring 2016 Trump back, or will they have to go it alone? Stay tuned.

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