CIA Backed Color Revolution in Iran — Feminists Rioting, Shaving Their Heads for Freedom

Iran is being attacked by libtards

The libtards are at it again in Iran; this time, they’re shaving their heads out of solidarity for feminism.

After a feminist was beaten for being an out-of-control libtard, the CIA went into overdrive, utilizing their contacts in the Iranian embassy, as well as local universities to stir up street protests.

the result is a bunch of people are shaving their heads.

Apparently, a news station in Iran was hacked and showed hair.

Conservatives across the U.S. also support these libtard protests in the conservative country of Iran. The protests look exactly like what you might see in some city in the U.S.

Libtards are delusional, no matter what country they are in. That is the common theme. They are completely and totally out of their minds, from San Fransisco to Tel Aviv, they’re all the same.

They’re going insane

Some people are just posting photos of a fist full of nappy-ass hair.

All of the protest artwork is using the communist fist — similar to Antifa and Black Lives Mater in the U.S.

These women just want the freedom to be whorish in public. They are simply just looking for attention, and weak effeminate men are giving it to them.

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