Campaign Insiders EXPOSE Joe Kent’s Alleged ‘Creepy Connections’ to the Deep State

With the 2022 Midterms fast approaching, the balance of power in D.C is on the verge of a major shift. Given the Biden Administration’s incredibly poor record of high inflation, unprecedented mass immigration, and chaos in Europe, Republicans are likely to sweep both the House and Senate in November.

The Republican primaries will be pivotal in deciding who holds this new power since any Republican who wins their primary is likely guaranteed a one-way ticket to D.C. Much like the Tea Party surge in 2010, this cycle’s red wave will usher in a new generation of Republican legislators, making it all the more important that authentic MAGA candidates prevail over establishment grifters. To that end, Trump supporters across the country have placed their trust in America First conservatives, fighting to defend the political and cultural revolution Trump started in 2015.

So far, this effort has been enormously successful, with new figures such as Blake Masters, J.D. Vance, and Anthony Sabatini well on their way to joining America First All-Stars MTG, Paul Gosar, and Matt Gaetz in the halls of Congress.

Yet another figure frequently mentioned as part of this rising coalition is Joe Kent, who is running for Congress in the third district of Washington State.

Upon viewing Kent’s website, it becomes obvious that he is trying to cultivate this same image of a pro-Trump MAGA conservative. With phrases like “America First for Congress” and “TRUMP ENDORSED” in enormous block letters, he sounds like a dream come true for the GOP base.

Kent’s carefully crafted persona has caused many to believe he is a genuine political ‘outsider.’, including other politicians. For instance, Andrew McCarthy, a Republican Congressional candidate from New York, tweeted:

However, does Joe Kent truly live up the America First identity he has built his entire campaign around? Is he a true outsider or just another self-serving establishment shill? Let’s first look at what Kent has to say about himself.

On his campaign website, Kent writes, “I enlisted in the Army as an infantryman and earned my way into the Ranger Regiment and then Special Forces… I did this for over twenty years” This is a very broad and incomplete statement. He merely worked in ‘Special Forces’? As Joe admits, there’s far more to this picture than he lets on.

In an interview with the Blaze, Joe Kent discusses his long-time affiliation with the CIA. He says, “As far as the intelligence community stuff goes, I tell people very straight up, ‘well, I told you I was in the CIA.”

In other words, Joe Kent spent most of his 20-year stint in the military working as a mercenary for the CIA.

This out-of-touch messaging clashes with what all real Trump supporters know – the intelligence agencies are among the Deep State’s most powerful and ruthless enforcers.

From the NSA to the FBI to the CIA, these powerful and unaccountable agencies routinely spy on innocent American citizens while simultaneously conducting hostile psychological operations on the American public – most notably MK ULTRA.

Recently, these same malevolent forces were implicated in stirring up violence on January 6th, creating a pretext to further demonize Trump supporters and anyone concerned with election integrity.

Sadly, they succeeded in sending hundreds of innocent patriots to solitary confinement, without a trial, where they have been routinely beaten and abused.

When anyone serves these hostile agencies for two decades, they forfeit any right to the label ‘outsider’. It goes without saying that Trump supporters should be wary of anyone claiming to represent us while taking paychecks from the most prolific institutions of the Deep State like the CIA.

Suspicions have now been raised even further, as several whistleblowers are unearthing Joe
Kent’s extensive ties to the Deep State. One insider revealed his connection to a group known as the CIG, or Capabilities Integration Group.

This covert arm of the D.C. swamp specializes in installing spyware:

In his book “Relentless Strike,” Sean Naylor notes that, to the generals and admirals at SOCOM, the 1st CIG (then loosely called by its first official name, the Intelligence Support Activity, or ISA) was seen primarily as the “tactical arm” of the National Security Agency, performing CLANSIG (clandestine SIGINT) and CANEX – that is, close access network exploitation tasks – putting the USB drives, the listening devices, the taps – on actual infrastructure – computers, phones, routers – in denied areas.

This matches everything else we know about the Deep State’s unscrupulous tactics. They have no moral qualms about trampling over your rights. They are willing and able to plant listening devices and other data collection bugs on anyone they deem a threat to their goals and interests.

Anyone who tries to expose their plans will face the wrath of the corrupt federal justice system and be promptly thrown in jail.

Proof of Kent’s connections to the CIG is fortunately still available online. Back in September
2020, Joe Kent was interviewed on the podcast There Will Be Bourbon. His introduction admits his direct connection to the CIG:

The full exploits of these top-secret organizations are entirely covert, and opaque to the average citizen’s knowledge and criticism. Despite this lack of government transparency, a simple Google search of the CIA or FBI reveals the destructive power these agencies publicly admit to. After all, who can stop them?

Who watches the watchman? Who watches the shadowy agents in the CIA like Joe Kent?

A whistleblower familiar with Kent’s campaign revealed Kent’s ties to yet another secretive arm of the national security state: the AES, or American Enterprise Solutions. As with many CIA fronts, the group is nameless, faceless, and unaccountable. This company, which does not officially exist, services 5G towers, where countless gigabytes of data are transferred between phones and other electronic devices.

These two groups are likely intertwined, given that the former (the CIG) installs spy devices and the latter (AES) ‘services’ 5G towers, which would be a perfect location to install spy devices to track the data of millions of Americans.

These are just the known exploits of Joe Kent. This so-called ‘outsider’ is intimately involved with the same globalist network that has waged war on the American people for decades. Every American should ask themselves, what kind of work has Joe Kent done for the last 20 years? Does harvesting data through 5G cell towers put Americans, and their rights, first? Better yet, those who live in the Pacific Northwest should go ask Joe himself.

Joe Kent, the self-proclaimed “America First” candidate for Congress, is in bed with the same Deep State that actively worked to undermine the Trump administration and prevent his reelection Is this bid for office another mission from the swamp that Joe Kent spent his 20-year career serving?

Americans simply cannot afford another servant of the corrupt political machine in Congress. Are conservatives willing to take a risk on a candidate with this kind of baggage during one of the most consequential primary seasons of the last 30 years? Or will Republican voters in Washington’s Third District be able to see through this Deep State agent and say ‘no’ to Joe?

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