MUSK TAKEOVER: Democrats Lose Millions of Followers — Elon’s Promise to Delete Twitter Bot-Nets Could Fix False Consensus Reality

It’s not mob rule when the mob is ruled

Ever stop to wonder why left-wingers have such an inflated ego? It isn’t just due to the fact they enjoy the luxury of having every major influential institution amplifying their voice, no, it is also due to the support they receive from the use of social media bot-nets.

Expert studies suggest the average human will go along with the group even if he or she doesn’t necessarily agree with the stated direction of the group.

People do this to avoid alienation or the possibility of being cast out of the group. The ASCH study is one of the most popular go-to examples on the subject.

Sound familiar?

Social media censorship has created an atmosphere of fear wherein conservatives will self-censor to avoid ridicule or being ‘cast out’ by their left-wing overlords.

Conservatives who refuse to play the game are made examples of and banned as a warning to all others, showing just where the line is on that day.

Simultaneously, millions of artificial intelligence social media bots are deployed to maintain the status quo. This helps reinforce party lines. Whenever a man in a dress gets 1,000,000 likes on a tweet saying “men can give birth,” the mere appearance of such popularity reinforces the statement, causing leftists to become emboldened, and conservatives to despair.

You now have a situation where not only are conservatives silencing themselves out of fear of ostracization but leftists and Democrats are so emboldened, they’ll hold up the severed head of President Donald J Trump for a photoshoot, and be shocked when there’s any backlash.

This fabricated reality is what has pushed left-wing political extremism to its farthest fringes, and why it, and the egos within it, are so fragile.

Why do you think Youtube removed the dislike button?


We are officially entering mob rule, but who rules the mob?

Democrats are experiencing a drastic decrease in followers soon after Elon Musk took over Twitter. This could very well be the beginning of eradicating inauthentic behavior, something Musk has stated as being top priority.

Simultaneously, while artificial intelligent algorithms boost Democrats, they’ve consistently “shadow-banned” conservatives, limiting their follower counts, and limiting their reach across the web.

The false reality being constructed around us may have taken a major hit when Elon Musk bought Twitter, as his crusade against inauthentic behavior could bring online discourse back to ground zero, where ugly ideas were called out, and not amplified by millions of IP addresses from a warehouse in India.

Naturally, left-wingers will completely ignore the documented fact that bot-nets exist, even as they believed “Russian bots” helped Donald Trump win the 2016 election.

They will begin to cry “censorship” as the bot-nets cease to manipulate consensus reality. The media will amplify these delusions, claiming Elon Musk is some kind of conservative dictator.

If there is any hope in fixing these broken people, fixing their delusional understanding of reality which has been manufactured by artificially generated algorithms, is a start.

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