Ukraine Implements Total Surveillance Digital ID System — All Personal Documents, Banking & Passports Go Digital

Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the President of Ukraine, has officially rolled out the “E-Governance” social credit iPhone tracking system with the Ukrainian government’s new “Diia app.”

While the technology behind the Diia app has been under development for close to a decade, Zelenskyy has used the guise of COVID lockdowns to integrate the invasive technology into everyday Ukrainian life. Now, the government claims all personal data will go digital by the year 2025.

The “Diia” app was designed by a Ukrainian government agency calling itself the “Ministry of Digital Transformation.”

The program is similar to a project funded by the Rockefeller Foundation-backed ID2020 Alliance, with the goal of paving the way for a universal digital wallet with an all-encompassing universal digital ID.

In one article, Journalist Whitney Webb noted that the CEO of the International Rescue Committee developed a pilot program in Myanmar for the digital biometric identification system, supported by the ID2020 alliance. According to Webb, the ID2020 Alliance is backed by Microsoft.

On their manifesto, the ID2020 Alliance describes itself as a ‘Global private-public partnership’ which brings together technologists, advocates, implementers, and funders toward a good digital ID for all.

Under the guise of ‘closing the identity gap’ for the ‘one billion people on earth’ who cannot prove who they are, the ID2020 alliance pledges to pave the way to create a universal digital identification system.

Working in partnership with Facebook, Mastercard, iRespond, Microsoft, Gavi, The Rockefeller Foundation, and others, the ID2020 Alliance says the program will ‘proceed in four phases from mid-2021 to late 2025.’ On their website, they hypothesize that the future ‘biometric digital ID’ will be linked with humans from the point of birth to the point of death.

The stated goal of Diia is to create a “state in a smartphone,” meaning, every personally-identifying document from government forms, driver’s licenses, and passports, to banking information, and biometric data will be accessible within the app, and more importantly, by the Ukrainian government.

During the February 6, 2020 presentation and launch of Diia app, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky explained that “9 million Ukrainians now have access to their driver’s license and car registration documents on their phones” with top government officials calling the implementation of the “State in a Smartphone” project a priority for the government.”

An article from 2019 in the Kyiv Post explains that much of the funding for designing the app came from U.S. sources, including “USAID.” The self-proclaimed goal of “no-corruption” being the driving force behind the project is proving itself to be an inverse of reality.

Ukraine’s government will now know a lot about its citizens, from passport details, biometric data, to the amount of money they make and the taxes they pay.

However, Ukraine confusingly claims that the information is stored privately in servers that are “not connected.”

Meet the young and enthusiastic developers behind the digital ID tracking system:

“Ukrainians can download Diia and store a whole lot of official information there as mentioned above, with the aim of being able to easily carry out most of the administrative procedures, which range from paying their taxes to renewing their identity papers, including the payment of his fines or the recovery of his social benefits.”

“Moreover, with COVID-19, the government has even announced that the payment of benefits will be conditional on the presence of a vaccination certificate.”

The regime in Ukraine, which has the support of George Soros, Joe Biden, Don Lemon, and every other horrible person on earth, is going full-on digital dystopia after President Zelenskyy met with Klaus Schwab, adopting World Economic Forum’s proposals of an online dragnet.

The Diia app isn’t far off from what Apple is working within the United States, as President Joe Biden openly proclaims “there’s going to be a new world order.”

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