U.S. Truckers Announce February 23rd Convoy to D.C. In Protest Against COVID Mandates

The honking has only just begun.

Beginning February 23rd, U.S. truckers plan to drive to the heart of the nation’s capitol in protest of COVID restrictions and mandates. The group of truckers organizing across social media say 59% of U.S. voters support the Canadian protest movement, and that it is time they had one of their own.

The below image has been widely circulated across social media where truckers and supporters of the movement continue to rally in support of the wildly popular Canadian protest.

According to Reuters, one of the convoys, calling themselves “The People’s Convoy,” which has amassed over 64,000 followers on Facebook, is planning a convoy from California, as well as other parts of the country to Washington, D.C.

One of the groups raising money for the event made an accompanying promotional video with a man holding a record with a truck on the cover.

As we have widely reported, the anti-vaccine / anti-mandate protests erupting throughout the world make up the single largest protest movement in human history, spanning every continent, with many tens of millions of protestors participating in rallies against government COVID policies.

While U.S. truckers begin heading to Washington D.C., congressmen, senators and even Donald J Trump have all voiced support for the protest movement in Canada, apparently giving the silent “head nod” to truckers in the U.S. to follow suit.

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