Democrat Senator, Lauren Book, Pornographic Images Leaked Online — ‘The Tattoos Match’

Florida Senator, Lauren book, is pushing for harsher ‘revenge porn’ laws after alleged pornographic videos of herself performing sexual acts were released and widely distributed online. It is currently not known why the images existed in the first place.

Some of the alleged images are of professional quality and were taken with another woman posing nude. These images had the watermark “RAUL SHOOTS” over them, which appears to be the name of a professional modeling photographer in Miami.

Speaking to, Lauren Book is quoted saying she “has a tattoo, the Serenity Prayer — God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change …— on her side.” This tattoo is fully visible in the images circulating online, reports internet sleuths.

Other alleged images and videos were of explicating sexual acts. The alleged videos and images all appear to have been consensually recorded.

Back in 2021, a Florida teenager was arrested after it was alleged he had blackmailed Lauren Book with ‘doctored’ images of her exposed breasts, demanding sexual acts in exchange for keeping the photos private.

Lauren Book told agents she ‘recognized’ the first two photographs to be pictures she had taken of herself. and only shared with a close friend.

The Florida Democrat is an outspoken ‘sex abuse’ survivor and has pushed for laws banning the use of sex dolls in the past. Lauren Book runs a non-profit called ‘Lauren’s Kids’ which focuses on education involving childhood sexual trauma.

After the incident, Lauren Book took to Twitter to post photographs of her family. It is unclear when the alleged videos and images were made, or who might have been involved in the productions.

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