FBI Seizes Entire Bank Account of Conservative Talk Show Host After He Attended a Trump Rally

During a viral new documentary released on Tuesday, Conservative Talk Show host Nicholas J Fuentes discussed the legal repercussions he has faced after he simply attended former President Trump’s speech on January 6th.

Fuentes never entered the capitol building and remained approximately 200 yards away from the nearest entrance. The 23-year-old talk show host says he went to the capitol building following Trump’s speech because the former President said he would also be giving a speech outside the front of the building.

“Currently the FBI is pursuing an investigation against me for my involvement at the capitol, I had done nothing wrong at the capitol, I committed no crime, I went there for the Trump rally at the Elipse which is just outside the White House,” Fuentes said during the documentary.

“I walked to the capitol with hundreds of thousands of other people for a civil first amendment protected demonstration. I didn’t participate in any violence or illegal criminal activity. So on the one hand I knew I had done nothing wrong but on the other hand, I knew that in this new country that we have, that doesn’t necessarily protect you from law enforcement.”

In the film, Fuentes noted that days later he noticed his credit card was declined for a subscription he signed up for. After checking his bank account, he found that his balance went from almost half a million dollars the day before, to zero dollars.

“I went through my transaction history and I saw a legal order that subtracted my entire bank balance,” Fuentes said. “Both my credit cards and my entire checking account were frozen.”

Fuentes said that what made this so crushing is that the Department of Justice and the FBI are immovable.

“Because of the war on terror, because of the Patriot Act, because of how the federal government operates, they really can do whatever they want to whoever they want, and there’s nothing you can do about it.”

Fuentes was also recently banned from flying on U.S. airlines by the United States Government, put on the official no-fly list, and permanently banned from Twitter following his attendance at the Trump speech on January 6th.

Fuentes was on his way to a press conference where he was intending to address political censorship online, only to find out that he had been censored by the U.S. government and banned from flying there.

Fuentes speculates that the mass action taken against him is due to his large effective reach, gigantic audience size, his ability to turn out hundreds of people at a moment’s notice, and his vocal support of former President Trump.

Fuentes suggests that he is a true ‘threat to the system’ because of this.

Operation Choke Point was a 2013 initiative of the United States Department of Justice that led to the investigation of banks in the United States and the business they did with firearm dealers, and other companies the government claimed to be at ‘high risk for fraud and money laundering.’

The operation soon extended to dozens of conservative and tea party groups.

In 2013 the IRS admitted it applied extra scrutiny to conservative groups applying for nonprofit status. Lois Lerner, then the head of the Exempt Organizations unit responsible, became the public face of the scandal, though many other IRS officials were involved as well.

In 2018. The Trump administration, after years of litigation, settled a lawsuit with a group called ‘True the Vote’ which was investigated and raided by the FBI and IRS on multiple occasions amid the mass targeting.

Today, American dissidents and conservatives say they are experiencing Operation Chokepoint ‘on steroids.’

Unlike in 2012, the U.S. Government now mostly relies on private industry to silence its critics. Many of these companies, which are ideologically aligned with the American regime, now have more power than the federal government can ever dream of.

In a recent opinion piece for The Hill, Kristen Tate outlined how America’s version of China’s social credit system is already here, and how it is becoming worse than China’s as time progresses.

“Last week, PayPal announced a partnership with the left-wing Southern Poverty Law Center to “investigate” the role of “white supremacists” and propagators of “anti-government” rhetoric, subjective labels that potentially could impact a large number of groups or people using their service. PayPal says the collected information will be shared with other financial firms and politicians. Facebook is taking similar measures, recently introducing messages that ask users to snitch on their potentially “extremist” friends, which considering the platform’s bias seems mainly to target the political right. At the same time, Facebook and Microsoft are working with several other web giants and the United Nations on a database to block potential extremist content.”

“When does your debit card get canceled over old tweets, your home loan denied for homeschooling your kids, or your eBay account invalidated because a friend flagged you for posting a Gadsden flag?”

This is already happening to a large degree to American citizens like Fuentes, Andrew Torba, Vincent James, Alex Jones, and thousands of others who are having their bank accounts banned, credit cards frozen, and are banned from nearly every social media platform, payment processor, and ridesharing app.

America’s new social credit system has just now begun to affect those who refuse the COVID vaccine.

Soon, many Americans will not be able to enter bars, restaurants, or supermarkets because they are unvaccinated. Many also won’t be able to travel, go to school, go to work, financially transact, and maybe even access streaming services without having to show or upload their vaccine certificates first.

Perhaps the most terrifying part is that millions of Americans are simply falling in line with this new status quo.

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