Nick Fuentes Banned from Twitter Following Continuous Pressure from Jewish Groups

America First host Nicholas J Fuentes, was permanently suspended on Twitter Friday following months of pressure by both right-wing and left-wing Jewish organizations.

Just a couple of hours before Fuentes was permanently banned by Twitter, the ADL randomly tweeted out an expose’ on Fuentes, calling him a ‘white supremacist and holocaust denier’ which they wrote the day before.

Sources say organizations like the ADL and the SPLC knew the ban was coming, and that this was an attempt to manufacture a narrative as his name search trended following the action against Fuentes. The ADL’s article on Fuentes was recently boosted to number 2 on Google’s search results for ‘nick fuentes.’

A day before the ADL piece, the Southern Poverty Law Center – another Jewish organization – published a scathing piece on Fuentes and other prominent conservative creators. In the article, the SPLC claims that Twitter embraces the ‘far-right’ by allowing Fuentes on the platform.

The permanent ban comes after Twitter just weeks ago responding to criticism, saying that Fuentes had not broken their terms of service.

The SPLC celebrated the ban and implied that their hit-piece on Fuentes pushed Twitter to ban him permanently.

Jewish organizations on both sides of the political spectrum have been calling for Twitter to permanently ban Fuentes for quite some time.

The Zionist Organization of America – a supposed right-wing Jewish organization – falsely accused Fuentes of being a ‘holocaust denier’ and a ‘white supremacist’ for months, in order to coerce big tech platforms to ban him.

After the ZOA called for Fuentes’ suspension, former Trump administration official Sebastian Gorka joined charge against Fuentes on Twitter, accusing him of being a ‘holocaust denier’ without pointing to any specific quote that Fuentes made.

Other users point to a clip from a show Fuentes did years ago where he made an obvious joke, to prove the ‘holocaust denier’ label they have used against him.

After it was announced that Fuentes was set to host a fundraiser with congressman Paul Gosar in July, both Fox News and Breitbart led a narrative assault on Fuentes, using the same descriptors and rhetoric left-wing Jewish organizations were.

The news stories ran side-by-side, just over a week before Fuentes was permanently banned from the social media site.

The Fuentes ban follows Texas Governor Greg Abbott recently declaring that Gab – the pro-free speech social media website – is an “anti-Semitic” platform and that it and its users ‘have no place in Texas.’ Following the seemingly random declaration, the SREC voted to delete the Texas GOP Gab account on a 35-25 vote.

The move also came after pressure from several right-wing Jewish groups and donors.

The news also comes after the report claiming that Jared Kushner – Trump’s Jewish son-in-law – allegedly would not allow former President Trump to use the Gab platform unless the platform banned every user and channel that criticized Israel.

The CEO of Gab, also recently noted that the moment it was announced former President Trump joined another social media platform called ‘Rumble,’ the platform immediately changed its public terms of service to ban ‘antisemitic hate speech’ and ‘racism.’

“On the day President Trump joined Rumble they changed their terms of service to ban “hate speech” with an explicit ban on “anti-semitic” messages, also known as any and all criticism of Israel and/or Jewish people. No mention of banning Anti-White hatred, which is still allowed. According to WayBackMachine a few days prior their terms did not include these things. Check it for yourself,” Torba said on his platform Gab.

In 2017, the ADL and other Jewish groups led the charge against several right-wing Youtube commentators.

A year later, the ADL announced it would be working with Berkeley University alongside the top three social media platforms to create the machine learning technology they called the ‘Online Hate Index,’ to automatically flag ‘hate speech.’

Around that same time, the ADL announced that they would become Youtube’s top trusted flaggers’ of content.

Following the announcement of the collaboration between big tech and major Jewish groups, hundreds of prominent creators like Nick Fuentes and Vincent James, had their sizeable channels demonetized and then permanently banned by YouTube.

In 2019, the so-called ‘edgy’ comedian and Borat actor, Sach Baron Cohen, called out Facebook’s Jewish CEO Mark Zuckerberg for not doing a good enough job censoring what he calls ‘hate speech’ on their platform.

In a speech for the ADL, the Jewish actor Cohen blamed Big Tech for allowing hate speech to spread unchecked.

“If a neo-Nazi comes goose-stepping into a restaurant and starts threatening other customers and saying he wants [to] kill Jews, would the owner of the restaurant be required to serve him an elegant eight-course meal? Of course not! The restaurant owner has every legal right and a moral obligation to kick the Nazi out, and so do these internet companies,” Cohen said during his speech.

Sixteen European countries and Israel have laws against Holocaust denial. Many people in several European countries have been jailed or have had their careers destroyed for simply questioning the number of people who died in concentration camps during world war two.

Many followers of Fuentes are asking why there is only one genocide – the holocaust – people are not allowed to joke about or question.

The Young Turks, a left-wing news show mainly on YouTube, has criticized the historical consensus about the Armenian genocide on multiple occasions. Not only is their show still allowed on Youtube and monetized, but YouTube recently paid the hosts hundreds of thousands of dollars to launch TYT Academy which focuses on the creation of digital-first local news.

In high schools and college classrooms across the US, ‘holocaust’ class is mandatory and books like Schindler’s List and the Diary of Anne Frank are required reading.

Many users have pointed to countless communist genocides like the Bolshevik revolution – which was led in large part by European Jews – to highlight what they call a one-sided suppression of speech.

Referring to the ‘white supremacist’ label – which the ADL uses for Fuentes due to his position against mass replacement migration – Twitter users have pointed to a blurb that appears on the ADL’s website, which shows what they call a double standard.

On their website, the group proclaims that immigration into Israel and the high birthrates of Palestinian and Africans will render Jews in Israel a racial minority in their own country. Last week, the alternate Prime Minister of Israel, Yair Lapid, suggested that Israel’s citizenship laws were necessary to maintain and preserve a Jewish racial majority in the country. No criticism from any Jewish organizations followed these remarks.

In an op-ed for the New York Times, Jared Kushner claimed that being against Zionism is antisemitic, despite many Jews being against Zionism themselves.

“The Remembrance Alliance definition makes clear what our administration has stated publicly and on the record: Anti-Zionism is anti-Semitism. The inclusion of this language with contemporary examples gives critical guidance to agencies enforcing Title VI provisions,” Kushner wrote.

Under the State Department’s formal definition of ‘antisemitism,’ it lists accusing Jewish citizens of being more loyal to Israel than the country in which they reside as a bullet point of what it means to be ‘antisemitic.’

Jewish Americans are the only group of people in the country that have received a formal definition by the US government, defining what it means to hold prejudice against them.  The list is long and this is just one of the many bullet points.

Under this formal definition, accusing People like Jonathan Pollard or Sheldon Adelson of having more loyalty to Israel than to their birth country would mean that you are ‘antisemitic.’  Accusing any other group of people of holding dual loyalty however is not controversial.

According to Jewish American NY times writer Bret Stephens, putting America first is also antisemitic, and puts the country of Israel at risk.

But even some Jews take issue with the broad definition of antisemitism.

The truth is that Zionism is simply a political ideology, and in a hearing regarding the ever-expanding definition of antisemitism, two Jewish Americans described that the state department’s definition was extremely flawed.

They noted that Theodor Herzl, the founder of Zionism, made it clear that ‘Jews are one people,’ and therefore it is useless to be loyal to the country in which they reside.

Another bullet point listed under the state department’s definition of ‘antisemitism’ is ‘accusing Jews as a people of being responsible for real or imagined wrongdoing committed by a single Jewish person or group, or even for acts committed by non-Jews.’

This sounds a lot like what many college professors, politicians, political pundits, and activist groups are doing to white people. Accusing all white people of being responsible for real or imagined wrongdoing committed by a single white person or a group of white people.

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