CDC: Vaccine Deaths Pass 10,000 as Efficacy of the Jab Plummets. Data Suggests Those Naturally Infected Do Better than the Vaccinated

The latest data released shows that between the end of 2020, and July 9, 2021, a total of 463,457 total adverse events were reported to the CDC’s vaccine adverse event reporting system (VAERS.) These numbers include 10,991 deaths which is an increase of almost 2,000 over the past week. There were 48,385 serious injuries reported during the same time period which is an increase of 7,370 compared with the previous week.

According to the CDC’s vaccine adverse reactions portal, there have been 4,006 deaths following Covid-19 vaccinations reported between June 26 and July 9. During the same time period, the CDC shows 3,114 deaths attributed to Covid-19. That means there have been over 28% more vaccine-related deaths than Covid-related deaths during the two-week period.

VAERS is the CDC’s primary mechanism in the U.S. for reporting adverse vaccine reactions, but historically only reports 1% of the total actual adverse events according to a Harvard study. Reports to the system come from medical professionals regarding patients, and most are failed to be reported for various reasons.

Dr. Peter McCullough, one of the most highly cited physicians on the early treatment of Covid-19, recently estimated that the COVID-19 vaccines have already killed more than 50,000 Americans.

The reported vaccine deaths per dose are now running at 85 times the deaths per dose of flu vaccine, and emergency room visits due to adverse reactions, are at 35 times the rate.

The latest data shows the vaccines have very low efficacy against the new Delta variant of coronavirus and an even lower efficacy against the Lambda variant.

Around 90% of the people in the UK and Israel are contracting the Delta variant of the virus. Around 50% of those people have been fully vaccinated with the new MRNA technology.

The Beta variant is thought to be less infectious than the Delta variant — the strain first seen in India that now accounts for 31% of cases in the US. Professor John Edmunds of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine recently told the BBC:

“Where it has an advantage is that it is able to escape the immune response to a better extent.”

Growing immunity to other variants creates better conditions for the Beta variant to get an advantage, Edmunds said. “There is some good evidence from South Africa that it can evade the immune response generated by the AstraZeneca vaccine more efficiently.”

Pfizer announced Thursday that it will seek FDA authorization for a booster shot of its COVID-19 vaccine as the company acknowledges its two-dose vaccine has shown waning effectiveness against variants. 

Vaccinated Britons now make up almost half of Covid cases in the country, a symptom-tracking study suggested recently — but there are signs the third wave may have already peaked.

King’s College London scientists estimated 33,118 people were catching the virus daily in the week ending July 10, compared to 33,723 in the previous seven-day spell. 

The latest figures presented to the Israeli Health Ministry show that the COVID vaccines do not seem to provide any type of lasting protection against the disease. In fact, they appear to somehow increase a person’s risk of contracting and testing positive for variants like “delta,” which are now said to be circulating.

According to the Israeli data, those who already had the virus at some point throughout the past year were more immune to Israel’s recent outbreak, while those who receiving inoculation have been much more likely to fall ill in the latest wave.

Israel National News reports that this data was presented to the Israeli Health Ministry and yielded the following breakdown of breakthrough infections of those vaccinated vs. those with prior infection:

“With a total of 835,792 Israelis known to have recovered from the virus, the 72 instances of reinfection amount to 0.0086% of people who were already infected with COVID. By contrast, Israelis who were vaccinated were 6.72 times more likely to get infected after the shot than after natural infection, with over 3,000 of the 5,193,499, or 0.0578%, of Israelis who were vaccinated getting infected in the latest wave.”

As the tweet above suggests, the conversation has in fact shifted.

On March 30th, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Rochelle Walensky touted CDC data that suggested ‘people who have been fully vaccinated almost never carry COVID-19.’ 

During an MSNBC interview with Rachel Maddow, Walensky said: “Our data from the CDC today suggests that vaccinated people do not carry the virus, don’t get sick, and that it’s not just in the clinical trials, but it’s also in real-world data.”

According to doctors, the Delta variant’s symptoms are much milder. Dr. David Priest, an infectious disease specialist with Novant Health, said while the loss of taste and smell was the most telltale sign of the coronavirus throughout the pandemic, many getting sick with delta present with more mild symptoms, like a runny nose or sore throat.

The symptoms closely resemble the common cold or hay fever.

According to recent data, around 50% of the vaccinated adults in the US have already had the virus. According to some, they were allegedly wrongly informed that being naturally infected with the virus would not provide them with the immunity they needed and that the vaccine would ensure they have immunity from the virus.

Based on a variety of scientific studies, people who have been naturally infected with coronavirus have natural immunity that will likely last for years, and maybe forever.

For most viruses, it is generally the scientific consensus that natural infection provides a better and more robust immunity than vaccines are able to. 

Dr. Ryan Cole, a Mayo Clinic-trained pathologist who runs the largest independent laboratory in Idaho, recently told the Blaze:

“A natural infection induces hundreds upon hundreds of antibodies against all proteins of the virus, including the envelope, the membrane, the nucleocapsid, and the spike,” said Dr. Cole, who has spent the past 16 months examining and culturing SARS-CoV-2 specimens. “Dozens upon dozens of these antibodies neutralize the virus when encountered again. Additionally, because of the immune system exposure to these numerous proteins (epitomes), our T cells mount a robust memory, as well. Our T cells are the ‘marines’ of the immune system and the first line of defense against pathogens. T cell memory to those infected with SARSCOV1 is at 17 years and running still.”

However, in vaccine-induced immunity, according to Cole, “we mount an antibody response to only the spike and its constituent proteins.” Cole explained how this produces much fewer neutralizing antibodies, and “as the virus preferentially mutates at the spike, these proteins are shaped differently and antibodies can no longer ‘lock and key’ bind to these new shapes.”

The Great Barrington Declaration – a statement authored by three highly qualified epidemiologists from the universities of Harvard, Oxford, and Stanford – also declared similar findings while calling for an end to the widespread lockdown policies.

“(A)s immunity builds in the population, the risk of infection to all – including the vulnerable – falls.” the authors wrote.

“Our goal should therefore be to minimize mortality and social harm until we reach herd immunity,” they added.

Some scientists even suggest that people who have been naturally infected already should completely avoid any possible future plans for vaccination altogether.

According to all available data, the virus itself has an infection fatality rate that is either equivalent to, or far less than influenza for most age groups.

The Infection Fatality Rate (IFR) is the total number of deaths divided by the total number of people that carry the infection, regardless of them having clinical symptoms or not. The IFR is the chance of death once you have the virus.

This data is taking the total amount of COVID deaths at face value.

Dennis McGowan, a recently retired Chief of Operations for the Fulton County Medical Examiner’s Office recently outlined why the death total has been dramatically inflated.

Countless coroners have come forward to express their concern on how officials are recording their covid deaths.

The Grand County, Colorado coroner recently called attention to the way the state health department is classifying some deaths. The coroner, Brenda Bock, says half of their deaths related to COVID-19 were people who died of gunshot wounds.

“These two people had tested positive for COVID but that’s not what killed them,” she said. “The gunshot wound killed them.” Bock said it’s simple in this case – the gunshot wound was the cause of death.

“I realize yes, you’re trying to keep count of the numbers, but you need to do it right, and these people did not die of COVID, they died of gunshot wounds and that’s how it needs to be listed,” she said.

California county recently cut its death toll by around 25% after determining that some deaths were not a “direct result” of the virus. The county previously included deaths of anyone infected with the virus, regardless of whether COVID-19 was a direct or contributing cause of death.

Neetu Balram, a spokesperson for Alameda County Public Health, said that some of the deaths “were clearly not caused by COVID.” The alternative causes of death were not provided.

According to experts, thousands of counties across the US are still making the same mistake. 

According to a new report from the Freedom Foundation, the same thing occurred in Washington state.

Another peer-reviewed study contends the Centers for Disease Control violated federal law by inflating Coronavirus fatality numbers exponentially.

The study noted that on March 24, the CDC published an alert instructing medical examiners, coroners, and physicians to deemphasize underlying causes of death, also known as pre-existing conditions or comorbidities.

According to the first-quarter results published by Pfizer this week, its coronavirus jab has reaped revenues of $3.5bn for the biopharma giant in the first three months of 2021.

The financial results also revealed that Pfizer has vastly exceeded its Covid-19 vaccine sales forecast of $15bn, and now expects the jab to bring in $26bn of revenue in 2021 – an increase of 73% on previously anticipated figures.

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