The Officer Who Shot Ashli Babbitt Was Identified by Media Outlets, But They Say They Won’t Release His Name

Journalist Piers Morgan recently claimed that the media has known the identity of the Capitol police officer who shot Ashli Babbitt for a while, but isn’t reporting it due to ‘pressure from authorities.’

Ashli Babbitt, an Airforce veteran that was shot dead by capitol police while trying to climb through a broken window, was one of five people who died during the January 6th protest.

“I know who it is,” Morgan said. “I know his name, his age, his rank, his family status, and his service record.”

Former President Donald Trump called the January 6 Capitol attack an ‘unfortunate event’ during a recent press conference and complained about the ‘unfair’ treatment his supporters have received while ‘nothing happens’ to Antifa or BLM.

‘I say though, however, our people are being treated unbelievably unfairly,’ Trump continued. ‘When you look at people in prison, and nothing happens to Antifa and they burned down cities and killed people.’ 

Trump went on to talk about the lack of repercussions for the Capitol Police officer who killed Ashli Babbitt, the 35-year-old Trump supporter who was shot trying to enter the Speaker’s Lobby during the protest.

‘He would be the most well-known person in this country, in the world. The person that shot Ashli Babbitt, boom, right through the head, just boom,’ Trump said. ‘There was no reason for that.’

Video footage that has been spreading across the Internet shows a black man in a suit aiming a gun at Ashli Babbitt and subsequently shooting and killing her. Many have pointed out the countless white police officers whose names were exposed immediately following shooting incidents, and the legal repercussions that followed their actions. The man who shot Ashli Babbitt is unknown to this day.

Meanwhile, internet users have taken the investigation into their own hands allegedly claiming they have identified the police officer.

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