Joe Biden Kneels Before Israeli Leaders as They Laugh Hysterically. Why are Conservatives Silent?

In 2009, most of the American conservative media seized on President Barack Obama’s deep bow to Japan’s emperor during his visit, accusing the former U.S. commander in chief of groveling to a foreign leader.

Obama greeted Emperor Akihito, whose father ruled when Japan bombed Pearl Harbor in 1941, with a handshake and a nearly 90-degree bow, sparking furious online commentary from conservative media pundits, much of it negative.

The same conservative media pundits who were furious over Obama groveling before a foreign leader are nowhere to be found in 2021, following an even more embarrassing occurrence with now President Joe Biden.

President Joe Biden raised eyebrows recently after photographs revealed that he knelt before the Israeli President Reuven Rivlin and his chief-of-staff Rabbi Rebecca Ravitz. According to Israeli media, Biden then offered his “unquestionable commitment to Israel’s self-defense,” and promised that his commitment to Israel is “known and engraved in the rock.”

President Joe Biden’s administration recently approved the sale of $735 million in precision-guided weapons to Israel, and U.S. lawmakers did not object to the deal despite the ongoing violence between the Israelis and Palestinians.

The democrats and republicans historically have quarreled over every hot button issue, and one party can never agree with the other on how to fix the issues we face as Americans. But there is one topic both parties completely agree on – our undying support for the state of Israel no matter what they do, and the never-ending flow of money we send them.

Now President Joe Biden once said that “It’s the best $3 billion (yearly) investment we make.” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi also recently suggested once that “if Washington D.C. crumbled to the ground, the last thing that would remain is our support for Israel.”

The reason for the unanimous support is AIPAC, the most powerful lobby in Washington DC. The undying support and financial and military aid to the state of Israel is one of the only things both parties agree on.

US politicians send billions of taxpayer dollars to Israel, while bowing before their leadership, both figuratively and literally.

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