The Real Reason Disparities in Economic Outcome and Education Exist

One would think that if white privilege were real, that many who are ‘white passing’ would go out of their way to identify as white themselves, on every application and census survey they receive. If there were special societal privileges you receive from being white, then certainly everyone who could pass as white would be formally identifying themselves as such.

The truth is though, the exact opposite is happening.

From Rachel Dolezal pretending to be black, Elizabeth Warren pretending to be Native American on her bar exam form, Indian students pretending to be black to get into medical school, and Robert Francis O’Rourke pretending to be Hispanic to get votes – anyone that can pass as something other than white are attempting to do so. 

White students have also begun to identify as non-white in public schools – especially over the last few years – to get away from the ‘stigma’ of whiteness.

How far will this equity push go? Will it continue when whites become the minority in the country? The short answer is yes.

In Brazil – which is now minority white – approximately 30% of the entrance slots for universities are set aside for Afro-Brazilians. In South Africa their BBBE laws push whites to the bottom of the list for employment. Is this future why we see people identifying as something other than white?

Another claim made often is that white Americans are wealthier than black Americans because of ‘systemic racism.’ The uninformed average American may hear this regularly and believe it.  The question we are then confronted with is why then is the median household income and average wealth for Asian Americans and Ashkenazi Jewish Americans far higher than white people in America? Is it racism against whites?

Not only do Asian Americans make more in household and per capita individual income in America, but Asian women have even started to out-earn white men. Asian American men have consistently out-earned white men for decades.

How can this be true in a ‘white supremacist’ system?

Even though all of this is well known, many social safety nets – not available to whites – are offered to Asian Americans. President Biden’s plans for restaurant relief for example, explicitly put white business owners to the back of the line. Biden’s recent ‘down payment toward equity act’ explicitly mentions that white Americans will no be able to apply for his new housing down payment assistance.

At every level, the societal ‘leg-up’ goes in the direction of anyone who is non-white.

If we take a look at all the diversity departments, diversity hires, affirmative action in colleges, the free job training exclusively for ‘people of color,’ and the rest of the discriminatory quotas we have set for ourselves – we can see that the forced workforce discrimination at the expense of white men is working.  This study New York times quoted for example shows that black and Hispanic women are winning the employment percentage increase adjusted for population percentages.

Another study published by the New York times shows that there is zero income gap for black and white women. There is however an income gap for black men and white men, but they conveniently left out that there is also an income gap between Asians, Ethnic Jews, and white males as well.

The Real Reason Disparities in Economic Outcome and Education Exist

The reason we see East Asian students (on average) have better test scores, or why Americans of East Asian descent do the best economically, is because of their higher average IQ. The studies have all been done, the results of the studies have been in for decades, and the greatest metric we have to measure intelligence are IQ tests. IQ is inarguably scientifically proven to be directly linked to economic and academic outcomes.

According to studies, even when controlling for school funding, funding per student, educational attainment of parents, and every other relevant variable imaginable – the rankings in test scores remain the same. East Asians are at the top, followed by whites, then Hispanic and black Americans. It doesn’t even seem to matter when comparing white and Asian students raised in single-parent households vs black students raised in two-parent households. The disparities still exist.

The same disparities and reasons for the disparities persist when it comes to economic outcomes. There is currently a scientific consensus that average IQ is directly linked to economic outcome. This is not only true for individuals, but it is also true for nations as a whole.

We see the same individual disparities in other countries that have measurable diverse populations like Brazil, and European countries.

Brazil has a very racially mixed population. White Brazilians are mostly descendants of Portuguese and Italian settlers, black Brazilians are descended from slaves, Pardos are mixed, and Asian-Brazilians are mostly of Japanese descent. One study in Brazil found that Asians scored the highest (99) on IQ tests, followed by whites (95), Browns (81), and blacks (71).

IQ averages explain the pattern of test scores around the world. Over 70 nations use the same international PISA testing program.

China, Japan, and Korea do the best on tests. Europe second best, and South America ranks lower. People in Mexico, Brazil, and China all have the same average income, but the test scores in China are much higher.

Researcher measured IQ scores around the world, the results align almost perfectly.

All of this is not to say that there aren’t any highly intelligent Africans or African Americans because there are. This is also not to say that there aren’t any unintelligent East Asians or Europeans because there are. But this is to say those disparities in crime, incarceration, educational attainment, and economic outcomes all seem to align in the exact same order, and the main driver of this is not ‘racism.’

People are different. All people are born with different gifts, whether that be athletic abilities, intelligence, or other qualities. And because people are different, you should not expect the same results, or push people down to achieve equal outcomes.

Race differences in self-control levels can also be moderately explained by genetics, especially since self-control is under some genetic influence. Beaver et al. (2008) found that the heritability of self-control lies at .56; Anokhin et al. (20112015) found it to be at .30 at age 12, .51  at age 14, and .55 at ages 16 and 18; Isen et al. (2014) found it to be at .47. Recently, Willems et al. (2019) conducted a meta-analysis and found the heritability of self-control to be .6. In conclusion, half of the self-control can be explained by genes and races differ in self-control for genetic reasons and environmental reasons.

Given that self-control correlates with lifetime delinquency and income, two variables in which blacks and whites differ in, then this could be a factor that can help explain some of the reasons as to why blacks commit more crimes and have lower incomes. Adjusting for other variables does not close the gap, and still leaves it open — showing that environmental variables are not the reason as to why blacks have lower self-control. Along with self-control, or lack thereof, another mediating variable to help explain the black-white crime/ wealth gap is IQ.

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