Black Teens Who ‘Singled Out’ White Teen in Murder Are Acquitted of All Serious Charges

Following a trial for involuntary manslaughter, jurors delivered their verdict on Monday regarding the case involving the death of 17-year-old Ethan Liming.

Deshawn and Tyler Stafford, the two brothers involved, were acquitted of involuntary manslaughter charges. However, Deshawn was found guilty of felony aggravated assault and a misdemeanor count of assault, while Tyler was found guilty of a misdemeanor count of assault.

The trial resulted in a mistrial for a third charge of first-degree felony involuntary manslaughter against Deshawn, as the jurors were unable to reach a verdict. Summit County Common Pleas Judge Tammy O’Brien declared the mistrial.

During the Monday hearing, Deshawn’s bond was revoked, and prosecutors indicated that he could potentially face a sentence of up to 2 1/2 years in prison based on his convictions. A sentencing hearing has been scheduled for October 26.

The jurors were responsible for determining whether the death of Ethan Liming, which occurred outside the I Promise School in Akron in June 2022, constituted involuntary manslaughter or an act of self-defense.

Earlier on Monday morning, the jurors expressed difficulties in reaching a verdict, prompting Judge O’Brien to instruct them to resume deliberations.

The trial commenced on September 15 and, after two full days of deliberations, concluded on September 22 without a verdict reached by the jury.

This Was A Racially Motivated Attack, and No One is Going to Prison for it

On June 2nd of last year, Ethan Liming and his friends, who were black, pulled up to the I Promise School that evening and shot toy water bead gel guns at a group on the basketball court. The group who shot the toy guns was chased down and only Ethan Liming was selected out of the group to be beaten to death.

Many people claim that Liming was singled out because of his race.

In a subsequent development that occurred later in the same month, it came to light that the individuals sought in connection with the violent murder had actually stolen the victim’s car when his friends were trying to transport him to the hospital.

Following the indictment of the three suspects involved in the fatal beating of Ethan Liming, his father voiced his concerns. Instead of being charged with murder, the suspects faced lesser manslaughter charges for their alleged involvement in his son’s death in Akron, Ohio on June 2.

Bill Liming told local ABC News, “When I asked Brian LoPrinzi in the initial prosecutor’s meeting I had with him, I asked him if race made a difference if my son’s skin color made a difference in the way in which they are approaching it, and he said ‘yes.'”

Now the murderers aren’t even facing those charges. It goes without saying, what would happen if this incident was in the reverse?

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