There is a Complete and Total Invasion Happening, and Most People Have No Idea How Bad it Really is

As Joe Biden’s third year in office begins, America’s immigration crisis is spiraling out of control. A staggering five million illegal aliens have crossed the Southern border since the senile puppet usurped the Presidency in January 2021. Footage from across the region reveals vast overcrowding at border facilities where thousands of migrants are housed before being released onto American streets. On Fox News, Texas State Representative Tony Gonzalez shared a video of 4,600 illegal aliens being held in a border patrol facility meant for only 1,040.

Unsurprisingly, Biden has responded to this crisis with a total disregard for American sovereignty. The administration has decided to release one million migrants to roam freely in American cities. Meanwhile, some Republican politicians like Congresswoman Maria Salzara (R-FL) have taken this chaotic mess as an opportunity to emphasize the need to provide the lawless invaders with “dignity.”

To make matters worse, legal immigration numbers are rising back to their obscene pre-COVID levels. In 2022, the U.S. had a net migration rate of over one-million people with an increase in work visas and so-called “humanitarian refugees” being the main culprits. As a result, traditional Americans are increasingly alienated from their own homeland and many rightly feel that they are being replaced.

Of course, this disaster did not arise from mere negligence. The left’s open borders policy is a deliberate strategy designed to fundamentally transform American society and permanently cement the Democratic Party’s electoral dominance. Accordingly, left-wing leaders are pushing to liberalize our immigration practices even further. For instance, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer recently called for an increase in legal immigration and a pathway to citizenship for all illegal immigrants to make up for our low native birthrate. Of course, granting citizenship to the 15.5 million illegal immigrants living in the United States would immediately end the Republican Party’s viability as a national political force.

Certainly, handing out citizenship to the nearly 2.2 million illegal aliens in Texas alone would be a death knell for American Conservatives. The Lone Star State has long been a conservative bastion but is now moving leftwards due to the corrosive effects of mass immigration. Since 2004, the Republican nominee’s winning margin has declined substantially from 23% to only 6% in 2020. Today, Hispanics are the state’s plurality racial group and they will soon outnumber whites at the polls. This same dynamic has played out nationwide as the left accrues power not with superior argument, but instead through organized population replacement.

Yet another example is California, America’s most populous state, which has gone from a conservative paradise to a leftist mess over the past four decades. The dramatic increase in immigration during this period turned the state from 90% White in 1940 to just 35% in 2020. As a result, the state which gave the nation Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan has now become the personal fiefdom of Gavin Newsom. With this tragedy in mind, the left celebrates the destruction of White California as once-great cities fall into disrepair.

Yet, Republicans have no one but themselves to blame. In 1986, President Reagan himself agreed, in a compromise deal, to grant illegal aliens a pathway to citizenship in exchange for provisions to secure the southern border. While this trade may have seemed fair at the time, it ended up being extremely one-sided as border security was quickly forgotten and the left gained millions of new voters across the country, especially in the Southwest. California’s last truly conservative Governor, Pete Wilson, valiantly attempted to restore order during the 1990s, but ultimately his efforts were in vain. The Golden State was lost for good.

Alongside their push for amnesty, left-wing politicians successfully manipulated U.S. immigration practices in order to reap major personal benefits. From America’s founding until the 1970s, the overwhelming majority of its immigrants were from Western countries. Moreover, they were effectively assimilated during long periods of low admission (ex. 1924 – 1965). Beginning with the 1965 Hart – Celler Act, the left systematically revolutionized American immigration policy by shifting preference away from the West while dramatically increasing the overall migrant flow. Most importantly, the now infamous 1965 law removed national-origin quotas that favored Western nations. Consequently, the immigrant population from Europe and Canada went from 85% in 1960 to only 13% in 2015.

As a result, America has undergone a dramatic demographic transformation. Today, only around 62% of U.S. citizens are of European descent which is down from 89% in 1960. This transition has pushed the American political landscape dramatically to the left by moving states like California, Arizona, Colorado, and Nevada into Democratic hands. Since 1992, the Republican Presidential nominee has won the popular vote only once in eight elections and it is unlikely that one will ever be able to do so again. While the electoral college allowed Presidents George W. Bush (2000) and Donald Trump (2016) to overcome this obstacle, the map is increasingly difficult to navigate as conservative states are taken out one by one.

Alongside these disastrous political developments, mass immigration has facilitated the left’s radical cultural revolution. While men such as Christopher Columbus, Thomas Jefferson, and Andrew Jackson were once recognized and honored as American heroes, they are now condemned and despised in favor of leftist icons. In these perilous times, monuments commemorating traditional American heritage are torn down and desecrated in truly barbaric ways.

Above all, the left has focused on attacking Columbus because he is the premier symbol of America’s Western heritage. In a shocking episode, his statue in Boston was decapitated during the 2020 George Floyd Riots, and the city refused to replace it. This event illustrates the broader campaign against Columbus which has seen his name vilified in schools and his holiday relegated to the dustbin of history. Indeed, many Democrats are even pushing to rename the District of Columbia due to its association with the Italian explorer. Meanwhile, the American public either cheers this on or stands idly by as it is increasingly divorced from its European roots.

Of course, the United States is not alone in this fight as it is only one theatre of the global leftist war against Western Civilization. These pernicious forces are working in North America, Europe, Australasia, and Southern Africa to mold our unique and distinct nations into a promiscuous cosmopolitan mass. Without question, permissive immigration policies are their most effective weapon. In the face of this existential threat, the Western Right must stand firm.

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