Idaho Governor Hopeful Promises to Send Groomers to Prison — “It’s Time Idaho Puts Groomers Where They Belong” – Ammon Bundy

Idaho’s Governor Race is Heating Up

Idaho gubernatorial candidate, Ammon Bundy, has released a campaign video vowing to prosecute adults who sexualize children, citing existing Idaho law.

Bundy is heard saying “It’s Time Idaho Puts Groomers Where They Belong” before the video ends with the sound of jail cell doors slamming shut.

The video was followed by a press release wherein Idaho law 18-1506(1)(a)(b)&(c) is cited. The law states that no performance, whether clothed or not, should involve simulated sex acts in the presence of children or vulnerable adults.

The current governor did not disavow the recent controversial “child drag” event that drew national attention. Contrarily, the governor was later photographed alongside one of the event’s major sponsors.

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