Establishment GOP Sides with Pelosi, Threatens War with China

This past week, tensions between the U.S. and China exploded after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) visited the separatist island of Taiwan. While the elderly Democrat schemed in Washington, Beijing issued several threats and warned that “serious consequences” would come should she carry out her foolish designs. However, these warnings went unheeded as the Speaker arrived in Taipei on Tuesday, setting the stage for a new regional crisis.

Unsurprisingly, Chinese leaders reacted with great frustration at the inexplicable arrogance of American politicians. An angry Foreign Minister, Wang Yi, told reporters that Pelosi had “maliciously violated China’s sovereignty” and made clear that Washington is the “biggest destroyer of peace and regional stability in the Taiwan Strait,” despite what State Department charlatans say. Unfazed by Western meddling, Yi emphasized that “the irreversible historical trend of Taiwan’s return to the motherland cannot be changed. Those who offend China will surely be punished.”

Incensed by American provocations, Beijing is now preparing potential retaliatory measures as it refuses to tolerate hostile foreign subversion on Chinese soil. Filled with tremendous resolve, General Secretary Xi Jinping stated that he would defend China’s “territorial integrity” and warned that “those who play with fire will perish by it.”

Now, China will conduct five days of “necessary and just” military exercises in six strategic locations encircling the island. PRC officials noted that “long-range live ammunition shooting” will be featured in this act of defiance. As a result, analysts believe that China’s measures will amount to a blockade of the island with flights grounded and shipping turned away.

Naturally, American media propagandists are outraged that China dares to respond after being insulted by a senior U.S. official. Despite the inherent risks, America’s saber-rattling press actively encouraged Pelosi’s island visit by framing it as a brave “pro-democracy” gesture. Meanwhile, the Speaker’s fawning sycophants explained that this senseless stunt would be a “career capstone,” which seems fair given that she has spent her life fighting for globalism.

Alongside their leftist allies, “conservative” figures joined in calling for Pelosi to march guns blazing into Chinese territory. Former Defense Secretary under President Trump, Mark Esper, told CNN that Pelosi should go to Taiwan despite China’s vehement protests and argued for an “aggressive” American policy towards Beijing across the board. Of course, it’s unlikely that the honorable Secretary intends to join up with Appalachian teenagers if something goes awry.

As usual, the hawkish former CIA Director and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo agreed with Esper and strongly supported Pelosi’s desired visit to the “independent, sovereign nation” of Taiwan. Pompeo viciously attacked the Biden Administration for suggesting that this needless provocation of a major power was perhaps not the right move for an America already embroiled in a struggle with Russia in Europe alongside an economic crisis on the homefront.

In agreement with Esper and Pompeo, GOP establishment figures from every dark cavern in Washington called on Pelosi to visit the decadent outpost of globalist power. During this entire ordeal, Fox News, Breitbart, and other “right-wing” outlets have been operating in overdrive by pumping out absurd anti-Chinese rhetoric. Instead of opposing the bipartisan war profiteers, Fox News decided to outdo their self-interested maneuvering by arguing that Pelosi should have gone to Taiwan years ago.

Meanwhile, National Review’s esteemed editors lauded Pelosi’s “courageous” trip and repeated standard Neocon talking points about “defending democracy” and “human rights.” Motivated by these stale platitudes, a majority of Republicans back sending U.S. troops to defend Taiwan if China invades. While none of this is shocking, it certainly is disappointing that many American conservatives continue to fall victim to deranged neocon chauvinism.

Of course, Washington elites are cynically using the threat of China’s rise to reinforce their domestic power. By tapping into the well-meaning patriotic sentiment of American conservatives and stoking fear of the perfidious “evil empire,” D.C. hacks can justify a range of counter-espionage activities used to suppress authentic anti-establishment dissent in America. Moreover, increased tensions with China allow the military-industrial complex, recently deprived of its Middle Eastern pretext, to keep funneling money into the pockets of big business oligarchs and their pawns in Congress.

While a new Cold War will be very lucrative for these vultures, it is undoubtedly true that Beijing poses a severe threat to their interests. The Chinese lead an emerging coalition that opposes American hegemony and seeks to re-establish a multipolar international order. In an alternate timeline where the United States did not find itself controlled by a parasitic elite, nationalists would rightly support defending America’s geopolitical primacy by preventing China’s rise.

Sadly, this is not today’s world, and no amount of play-acting will bring it into being. Instead, modern America is a psychotic monster that makes Jacobin France look like a reactionary paradise. Indeed, American power is now the primary tool used by cosmopolitan financial interests and left-wing social forces in their war against all residual remnants of traditional life.

As a result, Americans fighting to defend Western civilization against these animals have no reason to participate in the anti-Chinese warmongering. Their real enemy is right here at home, not on the other side of the Pacific. This does not necessarily make China the right’s best friend, but it does mean that they have no business strengthening the plague corrupting their national life.

At a bare minimum, the governments of Beijing, Moscow, and Tehran are lesser evils for the Western man living behind the Rainbow Curtain. Even better, these nations may become valuable strategic allies for Americans and Europeans intent on resisting their civilizational collapse. Either way, it is long past time for conservatives to stop acting as stooges for the globalist cabal perpetuating their persecution.

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