Conservatives are Slaves to ‘Fake News’ Liberal Media — You Need to Completely Ignore Them & Run for Office Instead

Your Outrage Fuels the Lying Press

If you are a conservative who is interested in keeping up with the times, you might be reading Breitbart, FOX, or some other right-leaning media outlet. Your news feed, however, is entirely controlled by a necessity to react to the liberal news cycle — a reaction that keeps the likes of CNN, The Daily Beast, and other liberal outlets in business.

Project Veritas’ entire modus operandi is to infiltrate progressive organizations, many of which being media oriented. They typically acquire undercover footage of employees speaking belligerently about inner-workings at the network and upcoming topics which are admittedly designed to arouse contention among the populace.

While their work is nothing to scoff at and is, by design revealing, is it really anything we don’t already know?

Conservatives will spend weeks pontificating about Hunter Biden’s laptop, the fake vaccine, or the ‘mockingbird’ media’s uniform approach to Former President Donald J Trump — driving massive amounts of traffic to outrageous propaganda websites, rewarding the worst offenders with millions in an online income.

For instance: This blatantly false statement is designed to confuse and agitate conservatives, attacking their foundational understanding of reality, causing a knee-jerk reaction of which results in thousands of clicks.

Some would describe this as Agitation Propaganda (Agitprop), which is a term that originated in Soviet Russia. The term referred to popular media with an explicitly political message in favor of communism. means intentional, vigorous promulgation of ideas.

By even attempting to respond to such asinine remarks with a coherent rebuttal is falling into the liberal media trap, telling them they can continue in this direction as it generates the political tug and pull necessary to generate income.

Ignoring such remarks would make them go away, as fewer clicks tell producers “this isn’t generating ad revenue for our network, therefore we need to move in a new direction.”

This isn’t to say you should not directly engage liberals. This is to say, by ignoring their propaganda outlets, you are engaging with them in the most effective way possible: Cutting off their source of income.

If not aggressively responding to liberal insanity online, what can you do? Well, you can get involved in local politics, where you can actually make a difference.

For example:

Normal conservatives can step up and win local elections, taking control of their school boards, and their City Councils, and even become senators.

Americans are winning local political races all over the country and doing so without breaking a sweat.

This is exactly what all of you need to be doing.

By cutting out the media from your diet, you will not only be less agitated and propagandized, but you will be much more focused on what actually matters in YOUR community, giving you a more grounded understanding of the political landscape.

Rather than sitting around in a chatroom sharing medical articles on adverse reactions to mRNA vaccines, you should be running for City Council.

You need to put on your horse blinders and run for office. It doesn’t matter what position or where. It only matters that you run and win.

If you do this, rather than listen to any of the media, you will make a real difference, as well as a newfound understanding of how the world actually works, and understanding untainted by weird media which is simply designed to cloud your judgment.

For instance, Liz Cheney is going to lose her reelection bid in Wyoming, and will most likely flee to CNN or MSNBC to continue to spew her divisive rhetoric. Will you be following her there to keep up with her nonsense? Conservative political pundits will reward the failing network with millions of clicks along the way.

Thousands of people take to social media to post CNN articles rightfully claiming “they are crazy” — this simply drives millions of clicks to CNN, resulting in millions in income.

Think about it: While these fat freaks are running for political offices and winning, you are on Facebook, complaining about it in the comment feed.

An army of liberal freaks and weirdos are preparing to run for office where you live and implement gay fascism in your small hometown. Are you going to sit around and complain about it online? Or are you going to run against them and call them out for being the weird freaks they are?

The choice is yours, conservatives.

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