Climate Change Conspiracists Vandalize Leonardo da Vinci’s Masterpiece The Last Supper — “I’m an Art Student”

A group of liberal art students defaced Leonardo da Vinci’s The Last Supper to protest theoretical man-made “climate change.”

While multiple individuals glued their hands to the masterpiece, another can be seen spraypainting the words “No New Oil” directly under the work of art.

This comes just weeks after another climate change activist defaced another Leonardo da Vinci piece with what appeared to be cake.

Art students who go to art school and whose art largely consists of offensive and uninspired mediocrity believe they understand the global effect of carbon because they heard on the news carbon is bad — when carbon is actually good for plant life.

Leonardo da Vinci continues to be the target of vandalism by these imbeciles simply due to the fact that there is no modern equivalent to Divinci’s artistic genius.

These masterpieces will continue to be targeted because they are beautiful, just as liberals target anything that is beautiful. Beauty will continue to be targeted until there is nothing beautiful left.

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