Suspected NY Subway Mass Shooter’s Pro-Biden Manifesto: “Whites and Blacks Should Have no Contact with Each Other” — White People Committing “Holocaust” Against Blacks

Youtube just deleted the shooter’s channel

The suspected shooter, Frank R James, posted numerous videos online, wherein he went on racist tirades, directing his anger toward white people, Trump supporters, and claiming “They’re mad because Biden is President.”

“They’re mad at Kamala Harris,” James said, adding “They see a black female and they don’t like it” … “These are the three main things.”

It is being claimed the FBI interviewed Frank James, finding no evidence he might commit an act of terror as witnessed in the Brooklyn, New York subway.

“They hate your fucking guts,” James said, continuing on to claim that white people would commit a “holocaust” against black people in America.

The suspected shooter went on to express extreme concern for “world war three,” COVID and the “stolen election” and the so-called “reaction” white people might have towards blacks, who he said were like “jews during the holocaust.”

Frank James, in another video posted online, expressed outrage that the new supreme court justice had a white husband, something which he claimed was “disgusting.”

“Do not think it can’t happen here” James said, referencing the holocaust while referring to black people in America. “They are preparing for war.”

The education system, the mainstream media, and Democrat politicians who have pushed racial animosity, anti-Trump conspiracy, and who have fomented rage towards white people, are to blame for this violence.

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