Ukraine Tries to ‘Cancel’ Russia on Twitter During Full-Scale Invasion

Ukraine took to Twitter amid a full-scale invasion in an attempt to cancel Russia’s Twitter account, calling for the platform to ban their neighboring foe.

The official Ukrainian Twitter account even posted Hitler memes in the process, tweeting “let’s demand Twitter remove Russia from here… They should not be allowed to use these platforms…”

Russia ignored the social media strategy and sent in paratroopers and tanks — disabling the entire Ukrainian military in less than 24 hours.

Liberals continue to tag Twitter Support in hopes the social media giant will once and for all put an end to the Russian regime.

Russia continues pushing further into Ukraine amid a barrage of angry tweets from the Ukrainian military.

Coincidentally, the tweets have halted after Russian forces allegedly bombed the 72nd center of information and psychological operations outside of Kyiv.

The Americans, who’ve thus far been watching from the sidelines, have considered airdropping thousands of Black Lives Matter militants into the Russian Capitol, a move that would disable the country, irreparably crippling infrastructure for years.

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