GOP Embraces Radical Transgender Candidate for California Governor

The Republican establishment has embraced the candidacy of Bruce Jenner for California Governor in what would be the first case of a man who thinks he is a woman running for governor of any state as a Republican.

The republicans have gone so far left that even the notoriously progressive U.S. state funded propaganda outlet NPR has written a nice article about the transgender star’s gubernatorial run.

Not all voices on the right are happy with the GOP’s embrace of the radically progressive LGBT agenda. Popular radio talk show host, Nicholas J Fuentes, has remained a voice of reason in what could only be described as the abandoned ship of conservative political pundits.

Transgender people are mentally disturbed. They dismember their genitalia and adopt a new name and wear the opposite biological sex’s clothing. This fact alone should disqualify any individual from entering any kind of political office.

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