A ‘Students for Ye’ Organization Has Been Launched and is Seeing a Surge in Support from College Students Across the US

Daniel Schmidt and Luke Hogan are teenage college students. As a sophomore at the University of Chicago, Daniel is on his way to completing his undergraduate degree. Meanwhile, Luke is starting as a freshman at the University of Florida. Both Daniel and Luke are dedicated students eager to learn and make the most of their college years. So far, that has entailed interviewing Tucker Carlson and creating an organization that will inspire thousands of college kids like themselves to support Ye (formerly known as Kanye West).

For Daniel, the appeal of Ye was undeniable. Despite previously trying to infiltrate Con Inc. and having an internship at the Daily Wire, he was drawn to Ye’s message and was willing to change his plans completely. Luke had been a devoted supporter of Trump for the past two years but was disappointed by the president’s weakening resolve and diminishing results and turned to Ye, who was saying all the things he wanted to hear.

In a political climate where it can feel like candidates are more focused on their own agendas than the needs of the people, Ye stands out to both as a beacon of hope.

As the only candidate putting Jesus and the Bible first, he is uniquely qualified to speak to the concerns of young people and address their desire to build families and live out the American Dream. In contrast, the Trump/DeSantis dialectic does not offer adequate support for the youth. Daniel and Luke, along with many others, hope that Ye will decide to run for President in 2024 and bring a much-needed emphasis on faith to the political landscape.

The two young men connected over their enthusiastic support of Ye and decided to start a nationwide grassroots, unaffiliated, unpaid organization to support him named Students For Ye. While the project is still in its infancy, hundreds of students across the country are already working together under their leadership to support Ye for whatever office he should run for in 2024.

Join Students for Ye Here.

Ye has a strong connection with the younger generations thanks to his devoted fan base, who have been listening to his music and following him on social media for as long as 18 years. It’s undeniable that many college students support Ye and his message, making him the tailor-made option for those looking for a leader who firmly understands the youth.

As more and more GenZ vote in each passing election, Ye is a force to be reckoned with in the political arena, with a message that resonates deeply with the younger generation. They will see what he’s saying about Jesus and the country’s dilapidated state, and some will listen to him. With an outsider appeal that surpasses that of Trump, Ye’s influence on the youth is unparalleled, for he takes the “Trump effect” and amplifies it a thousandfold.

As they work to build Students For Ye, Luke and Daniel are not deterred by potential opposition from Turning Point USA and Young Republicans. In fact, they are confident that any resistance from these groups will be easily overcome. According to Luke, these college organizations do not care about values or goals. It’s more of a social club than a place for meaningful engagement in political activity.

Many chapter presidents in TPUSA and Young Republicans are only in their roles for the résumé boost and don’t put any real effort into their respective chapters. With this lack of substance in campus conservative organizations, Students For Ye poises to emerge victorious, easily overcoming any pushback from these groups.

Such is the popularity of Ye in the colleges and universities around the country that many conservative organizations are alarmed that their chapters might become de facto Students for Ye clubs. If Ye does decide to seek public office in 2024, he will find massive, concerted support from the nation’s colleges.

There will be no ungodliness in Students For Ye, a problem that plagues TPUSA and College Republicans. Luke and Daniel have explained that if there is no breath of God, no deference to the Higher Power, the spirit inside the organization will be vice, not virtue. While TPUSA allows strippers to dance during their events, the two leaders see a much different future, one with crucifixes on stage and Christ at the forefront.

They know mainstream college conservatives are out of touch. They have no rapport with the youth because they’re not rooted in anything real. They don’t talk about Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Instead, it’s a droning mantra of  “Israel First, Socialism Sucks, and I Love Capitalism,” Nothing sacred, nothing valuable, and nothing relatable to the struggles of the average American young person. Take away their conservative veneer, and they are nothing but leftists, albeit with a different tone.

Daniel and Luke have a contact form for anyone in college or of college age who wants to join Students For Ye. Any student or future student can fill out this form. They issue a warning; however, by joining this cause, one may be exposed to the same attacks and intimidation tactics that Ye faces, including doxxing and threats. Only those truly committed to the cause should consider joining.

 Ye resonates with college kids in debt and those who can’t make any money because they live in a college town designed to break them. He understands their struggles. He knows what it’s like to be a young person trying to carve out a future in a world that doesn’t always seem fair. Many young people may not relate to the liberal, democratic plan of the elite for the Zoomers. Ye knows how dangerous and depressing it is to be surrounded by the celebration of vice, to lose one’s destiny, and to have no say in any of it. Even as the number one celebrity in the world, he has lost most of his money for telling the truth. When others failed, a man of the people stepped up and delivered.

Ye believes that the future doesn’t have to be bleak. That you don’t have to work for 20 years before you can afford a home and start a family, that the devil doesn’t have to win.

Many want their life to have purpose and meaning. If that is the case, Ye is the answer for them. Trump, DeSantis, Biden, none of them offer anything near as renovating and wholesome as Ye.No one else wants to put Jesus first, promote fatherhood, and strengthen community ties in an ever-fracturing country. Ye believes in noble ideas and has taken it upon himself to deliver them to the public. Daniel Schmidt and Luke Hogan are helping Ye spread his message across the country. As Students For Ye grows, so will Ye’s chances for electoral success. It may seem small now, but the smallest stones can start the greatest of avalanches.

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